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Skibies 03-10-2007 10:37 PM

Microfiber Towels
What is the Curls towel made out of is it made out MicroFiber like JC or is it a better material? What is the difference between Curls and JC deep condtioning caps?

Kaia 03-10-2007 11:56 PM

Do you mean Curl-ease? It's made of cotton, but it is a very tight weave. A lot of people like it, but it's a matter of preference. It's also very long which helps in plopping. I personally really like the Scunci MF turban. It's easy to use and cheap!

Skibies 03-11-2007 10:11 PM

Yeah the Curl Ease from Curls. I do not want cotton. I will do a search for the Scunci one. Thanks for the rec.

Silverwood 03-12-2007 02:24 PM

The Rite Aid drugstore near me is having a dollar sale and they have micrifiber turbans for $2.00. I don't know about other Rite Aid stores, but be on the lookout for the turbans, if you're in the market for one (or several).

rschoey 03-15-2007 04:11 PM

Do you happen to know what brand the turbines are? I looked at my closest RiteAid and only found one and it was 9.99 ea. I'm hoping I can find some of the $2 ones. I am going to try and look and another RiteAid in my area too.

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