Need help finding a product!

Hi! I live in Michigan less than an hour outside of Detroit and I'm trying to find Cantu Shea Butter deep treatment masque but I can't find it anywhere! I've checked Walmart, Sally's, Target, Walgreens NOTHING. Does anybody know where else I could find it? Thank you in advance!
Did u try Ulta or any of ur local beauty stores like beauty world?

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I haven't tried Ulta yet so I'll check it out tomorrow thank you!
I really can't answer your question. I can tell you that I live in southern Macomb county. If I see that product somewhere I will definitely let you know!
Very fine, high porosity, currently dyed and growing out the relaxed portions. I'm pretty sure my hair's 3b something IIRC. We will be finding out for sure as time goes by.
Finding this product on the ground has always been "hit or miss" for me. If I see it in a random Walgreens or Wal-Mart, I tend to grab a few jars of the curling cream and the masque. I otherwise just buy it online at or Drugstore. com.

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