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I've cut my own for years, I just have had too many terrible experiences with stylists. I did go to school for hair many years ago although I never did it professionally and I also cut most of my families hair. The only time I have someone else do it is if it's so short I can't reach/see.
Long layers are pretty easy. The only hard part is the outline.. the actual length/shape at the bottom all the way around. It's difficult to get that even on your own, unless you do the ponytail method which is only for 180 degree layers. If you want a lower layer you will need to get an "assistant" to do the outline if you need it.. and it's not impossible to mess up so they need to have some idea of what they are doing, or go to a stylist. If your outline is good you can do the actual layers yourself. What I do is section my hair into four to six sections around my head, clipping each one so it is all out of the way. My hair is very fine though, if yours is thicker you may need more sections. You may also want to section out about 2" around the bottom of your head and leave it out of the layer to give added density to the cut, it will also keep your outline solid. I don't but my hair is very layered and in an a-line outline so I'm not worried about having a clean outline. It's much easier and safer to section and clip all at once than trying to do it as you go, there is a greater chance of missing a piece of hair or cutting something you did not intend to. I suggest you start low, a 45 degree and then go up in increments if you need more.. can always cut more, can't glue it back on. Also be sure it's what you want because it takes a long time to grow out layers. I just take down one section, comb it smooth and straight and vertical so the top hair is at the top of your fingers and the bottom hair is at the bottom, hold it between my fingers at the desired level for the degree of layer I want, holding the fingers at 90 degrees to my head, and cut using the hair from the lowest part of my head as a guide. I hope that made sense, it's much easier to show than write out a description. Continue with each section. For the back get your fingers where you want them and a firm grip on the hair, then you can move your hand closer to your face so you can see better without messing up the measurement.. just don't let the hair slip. You might consider different angles of layering at different parts of your hair, for example I have a 180 in the front, 120 on the sides, and 90 in the back. Because my hair is longer in the front I need more volume up there to compensate for the extra weight, plus I like the back a bit smoother and the longer layers achieve that.
This method is based on your outline as a guide, unlike some other methods I have seen including the pony tail. I find it hard to mess up.. and easy to keep up because in any future trims all you have to do is slide your fingers down the section, line up the top and bottom pieces of hair, and cut off the ends (1/4 inch, or more if you desire), and it automatically cuts all the hair the same amount. The ponytail will affect your outline (shortening your hair overall or changing the shape to longer in the back) and individual curl cutting (like the diva cut) means that every curl is at a different length and it's next to impossible to trim accurately in the future.
Hope that helps.
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Thanks! (: it definitely does look thicker.

Also, ever since cutting it it seems to be getting curlier... I don't know if it's that or the flax seed gel plus curl cream combo I'm using but I'm amazed. O.o

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Originally Posted by HtBlack
Best way to tell is to go product naked and see how your hair responds! Glad you like it and are having wonderful results!
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