Does anyone know what Triethanolamine is?

Does anyone know what Triethanolamine is/does to hair? Is it CG friendly? Im guessing it isnt, i dont know it just sounds bad. (lol) Its one of the ingredients listed in this gel i picked up at cvs the other day called Eco Styler. I find that it gives me better clumping and less flakes than the biolage gelee. I get ALOT of flakes after using the biolage gelee.

Any responses are appreciated :P
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ohhh hmm. Im not even sure what means but i could have sworn i seen it listed in some other gels i have glanced at. oh gosh, maybe i should just not use it. Im trying to start my CG routine. Oh well, much thanks for your response!!
one day at a time..
pH-adjusters: used in very small amounts
Ascorbic acid
Citric acid
Sodium hydroxide
I think it's totally safe to use, it just sounds bad.

Taken from this helpful list:

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It is in a lot of gels with carbomer, I've found, and it seems to encourage the ingreds to make a gel-like texture (rather than watery). It does adjust the pH to be a little more on the alkalyne side, so I usually use a leave-in with gels that are particularly thick and have this, but sometimes CK under them is sufficient.

It's definitely not an ingredient for concern across the board, though there's always the possibility with any ingredient/product that your hair might individually love or hate it.
oh okay thanks ladies! Im glad to know the gel im using is safe, as i thought i was ruining my CG routine. And this gel definitely is thicker like you said laurabeth.
one day at a time..

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