Sure enough, day four and oil flakes

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Back on CG, this time using Devacurl products and my daughter's curls are totally gorgeous already. Though of course still in recovery.

However, she already developed one spot on her scalp of thick white flakes annd her scalp is very shiny with oil.

I already knew she could not just use NO POO alone, since I know she has a very oily scalp. However, I didn't think we would develop an issue in 4 days. However, I am on top of it and hope that it doesn't escalate.

My plan is to scrub her scalp with Fructis Pure Clean which i know works well for her, to get all the oil out and clarify. However, my fear is that I might make the mistake of drying out her scalp, which will mean it will overproduce oil again and we will begin a cycle!

My other thought is to dilute the Fructis?
Straight Haired Mama to a CG. Type 3b with some 3a. Two time CG fail, going for round 3 after ruining her hair with Pantene Curl products.
Flaking plus the greasies suggests a scalp disorder, what has your family doctor diagnosed?

Conditioner only washing should shift sebum fine with good technique, mine is literally squeaky clean when done. However your daughter may need to cleanse more frequently initially as her scalp adjusts, and co-washing doesn't suit all dermatological disorders.

'Scrubbing' with a sulphate shampoo can stop the skin barrier repairing or healing. Cocoamidopropyl betaine is clarifying without being irritating to skin provided the product is acidic.
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The doctor looked at it today and was quite positive that the scalp is just very oily and the overproduction of oil mixed with bacteria, causing the flakes. She feels that since my dd is beginning puberty the oil production as well as the fact that I have extremely
Oily scalp and skin, means my dd needs to use some kind of regular shampoo.

So I will have her use the fructis pure clean which has worked in the past, but perhaps only every other day. With no poo on alternating days. The rest of the regimen and Devacurl products are wonderful so we will stick with those.

Straight Haired Mama to a CG. Type 3b with some 3a. Two time CG fail, going for round 3 after ruining her hair with Pantene Curl products.
Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo contains Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and Cocamidopropyl Betaine.

Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate is a harsh cleanser.

If you have skin on your face, chest or back that is prone to being oily then using harsh cleaners makes the glands produce more oil so I wouldn't be surprised if this was the same for scalp skin.

I would suggest you find a more gentle cleaner and use that instead of this product. There is more information here about what cleaning ingredients aren't so harsh - THE NATURAL HAVEN: The Natural Haven : On Sulfates in Shampoo
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My scalp gets the same way. I usually rotate a low poo into my routine to keep the scalp from getting oily. About every other wash.
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This info will be a big help. I know the Fructis definitley dries out her hair something awful, as well.

However, both low-poos that we tried and liked, contain Mango, and she is allergic to Mango. So I will have to find one that meets all the criteria we need- no mango, no soy....and smells good not nasty. LOL
Straight Haired Mama to a CG. Type 3b with some 3a. Two time CG fail, going for round 3 after ruining her hair with Pantene Curl products.
For my oily scalp I've used sea breeze on my scalp. It works well & keeps down the flakes.
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