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I've worn braids for a couple of months now... I finally took them out because I missed my natural hair. The problem though is when I go back to school.. I've never worn my natural hair to college and I'm worried people will consider me fake or think, 'Ooooh she wore weave' (as if the rest of the black female students in the college don't). The amount of girls in my college wearing their natural hair is ultra rare. So how could i deal with the criticism and the looks. Any suggestions for wearing my natural hair back to school after wearing braids for so long.

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If you walk around nervously then people will question and criticise you.

If you walk around with confidence you will still get questions and criticism but much less.

Also when someone non-natural who you don't know very well questions you about your hair, just give them a quick explanation.

For example if you are wearing a wash and go and someone asks you "Why does your hair do x?" Answer "It's just my hair" and leave it at that.

If someone says "Your hair looks like [insert rude comment]" Answer "I'm not interested in your opinion" if you can't give a quick and polite comeback.

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