Oh, my dear M&H Co, what have they done to you?!

Dangit Suave, what the hell?
I haven't been able to find Milk & Honey or Peach Mango conditioners anywhere for a while now. Finally came across the latter at Big Lots making me assume it's been discontinued. Then today I found the M&H at Eckard. I was terribly excited. They had two new bottles (the ones with the pinched in sides) and one old in the back. I hoped that the bottle was the only change but no such luck. They've totally reformulated it into absolute crap. The jojoba (previously in the top 5 ingredients) is now 2/3 - 3/4 of the way down. Aloe is almost the last ingredient. And what's above all the good stuff? Why fragrance, of course! :-P WTF?
Has anyone had any sucess with contacting Suave about stuff like this? I'm so disappointed and would definitely like to let them know. Anyone else? I'm sure it'd get their attention more if more than one person expressed disappointment (well, actually I'm downright mad but that wouldn't come across as nicely ;P)

I sent them a comment via the Suave website. Hoepfully I'll get a response. I'm also hoping to find out if the Peach Mango Co has been discontinued. Probably since it was my second favorite. *sigh*
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Yeah, Suave reformulated and discontinued some of their products. The mango peach is discontinued. Sorry you don't like the new one.
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I'm not a big fan of the new one either, so I just use it to shave my legs. I still like the Vo5 conditioners for co-washing, esp. passion fruit smoothie.
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It figures they'd kill the ones with the most natural ingredients. Probably has more to do with $$ than anything else.
I bought Big Lots out of the Peach Mango so I'll be set on that one. Only found the one bottle of M&H though so I'll have to keep looking for stray bottles of the old formula.
Why can't reformulations ever be *good* changes? Well, I guess it's good that Aussie took the x-cone out of their COs but the volume one is still nothing like the old one I used to love so much.
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