Using the dryer without the diffuser - and its fab!!!!

I have just discovered that I get the most amazing, smooth, soft and defined ringlet curls if I abandon the diffuser, and just dry my hair off slowly by with the regular dryer - on the lowest speed, whilst I gently hold my curls - kind of cradle them in my fingers. I have to let them air dry for a little while first (1/2hr - 40mins) so that they get their structure (with gel and cond mix as product). NO frizz, not too much body (my hair looks best in fat ringlets, rather than lots of smaller curls) and - I'll say it again - no frizz!

I've no choice but to use the dryer in the mornings at the moment, and this is a revolution. Yippee!

Anyone else use this technique?
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hello there!

This reminds me a little of a technique i used to use (but haven't tried since i read the whole "no touching" rule in the CG book, might try it again now though). I would use a diffuser but not to directly cup my curls, just for the gentle airflow it would produce... i'd cup my curls in my hand instead and just move the gentle airflow from the diffuser around... used to work brilliantly!
I do that when I have to travel for work and don't have time to let my hair air dry. I also carry one of those sock diffusers in my travel bag - while it never worked well on my regular hair dryer (I have a bowl diffuser for the times I need to dry my hair faster than air drying it) it works great on the hair dryers they have in hotels.
My Devachan trained stylist did this on my a few weeks ago & it came out great! I am afraid to try it myself!!
did you have the heat on high med or cold?
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Wow, really? I don't know if I'm brave enough to try it myself.
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I've used a hair dryer on low speed before - no diffuser of any sort - at the end of the drying process to "break up" my curls a little bit. It gives them more body but doesn't give me much frizz at all. I haven't tried it in awhile - maybe not even since starting CG - but I know it used to work pretty well.
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