so ever since i started to become a curly/wavy (i used to have striaght hair) my goal was to get my hair about the same from every angle. im still struggling with that. my hair is curly in the front and curly in a patch right in the back of my hair. the rest is wavy. now, (before i say anything else) when i first started to become a wavy/ curly it started off with wavy hair in the front and straight in the back. now it is how i described it and i know that in about 6 months to a year ALL my hair will be how it is in the front... it only takes patience, but until that... any suggestins on how to make my hair the same from every angle? ive tried diffusing and honey and im on CG and those things have helped a lot but its still not the same all around (i know that no ones hair is EXACTLY the same all around, but it is basically the same thing. does that make sence?) any suggestions to make my hair the same all around until the time does come to the point where it is basically the same all around.

Thanks in advance,

you can try pin curling the wavy sections to make them curlier. Do you have the Curly Girl book? They show how to do this in the book.

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Plopping seems to give me a more consistent curl pattern. You might want to try that.
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You know, naturally curly hair just is not even or consistent. I don't mind that -- it shows that it's real.

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