Getting the right balance with acv, oil and soap

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Hmm.. interesting though about the freezing, I kind of like that idea.

Oh, trust me, I like natural products as well. Totally know where you are coming from. I just don't want to see your hair suffer using something that could possibly be damaging. I used to use Dr. Bronner's with chamomile tea and something else, can't remember the recipe. I really liked it when I had soft water. Gosh I miss my good water.

I used to do ACV rinses, mainly do them in the summer. I don't measure, but I filled a regular sized water bottle just so it covers the bottom of the bottle with ACV and filled the rest with water. Seemed a good ratio.
Originally Posted by sixelamy
Fooouund it! pH Balanced Shampoo Recipe AmI missing something (like small print?) or would this not just turn one into a grease ball?

I really appreciate your concern for my hair It is so good to have experienced people to consult!

What is the benefit of mixing liquid soap with tea instead of plain water? I am thinking that if I massage something like coconut oil in before washing... then that makes the soap less harsh (in my experience) so maybe a good routine would be... oil, wash with homemade low-poo, then acv.

Is there a filter of some kind that could change your water to make it softer?

You and Curly In The Fog use a much weaker acv dilution than I have tried and that is recommended... I will experiment.
Originally Posted by RoseAngel
I really don't know the benefit lol All I know is it felt nice I also add green tea to my henna dyes, and it seems to make a significant difference in the feel of my hair afterward (makes it 5x softer than my henna mix alone). I actually think I used a recipe for a face wash, where the chamomile tea was supposed to be anti-inflammatory. There was a thread posted just the other day about tea rinses, someone found something about it on Pinterest.

Hmm.. I think I would add a cleanser of some sort to the frozen shampoo. Or maybe use it for more of a treatment, not a shampoo. But I really like that idea of it being frozen, I can imagine it may be a bit easier to apply.
Originally Posted by sixelamy
Wow really? I wonder why green tea would have that effect... perhaps I will look this idea.

Yes I thought that about the frozen shampoo too... it would need some cleanser! or be like a pre-wash condition.

It is so nice to hear of people using things that are natural as possible... I like the sense of self-sufficiency, simplicity and grounding connection to nature that comes from using things in a more natural form.
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Ok Curlies... I just did the coconut oil treatment, then washed with liquid soap (similar to Castile... mixed with half water), then acv rinse.

Curls are drying nice shape... but it looks dull and dry!

So perhaps I should only pre-oil scalp (not actual hair!), then wash, acv rinse... and oil as desired afterwards... when dry.

What doth thou think?
If you have hard water, you may just have issues using either method. I have hard well water, and even with ACV or citric acid rinses couldn't get them to work for me. But I have other minerals in my water as well, and it could have been a combination of those, who knows?
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