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laurabella 03-31-2014 11:20 AM

Curiousity Question: Why are shampoo bottles so big (compared to conditioner)?
Nope, I don't have the answer. I would, perhaps, guess that it's something somewhat related to conditioner ingredients being cheaper than conditioner ingredients.

Still, it's annoying, yes? Especially to curly girls, yes?

I picked up Mum at the stylist's yesterday (scored a curl compliment, btw), and checked out product and read a zillion labels while I waited for her. Shampoo bottles routinely twice the size of the conditioners.

Even before going CG, I could easily use three bottles of conditioner in the time it took to use one bottle of the companion shampoo.

What gives? WHY do they make them like this??? Do straight haired people use shampoo and conditioner in some completely different way???

Blueblood 03-31-2014 11:27 AM

All the shampoo and conditioner bottles I have are exactly the same size.

In regards to straight haired people you have to ask the ones you know but they use them in equal measures there as those with curly hair use more conditioner.

sixelamy 03-31-2014 11:28 AM

Nope, even as a straight haired girl I would always finish the conditioner before the shampoo. I see a lot of shampoo/conditioners the same size, it's just what the store decides to carry, I suppose.

Morgan_Adcock 03-31-2014 01:33 PM

I suspect it's a marketing strategy. A lot of people have bought into the idea that they have to use conditioner from the same line as the shampoo "because they're meant to work together." Therefore, if you run out of conditioner before you run out of shampoo (or vice versa), you're more likely to buy the same brand and line again.

Jimipe 03-31-2014 01:40 PM

Here they are almost always identical in size. Annoying though, even before I wore my hair curly, or even before I knew it was curly I always had to use much more conditioner than schampo, just to detangle. Schampo you mainly need for your scalp and it lathers up and is easy to just wash the rest of the hair with a small amount. Conditioner however... Still remember my battles with my mum who claimed that you should only use a coin-sized amount of conditioner, especially with long hair but that it took large amounts of schampo to get it properly clean. Needless to say, when she had long hair it was stick-straight and she rarely combs her hair ever, so the concept of actively needing to detangle was and is completely foreign to her. Maybe it's meant for people like her?

Ms.Cabernet 03-31-2014 02:35 PM

Before knowing about CG I used to apply two rounds of shampoo and finish with one round of conditioner every time I washed my hair. That's the way everybody uses it in my family. If you don't know about CG your main focus is to have your hair/scalp clean with shampoo (you don't know about sulfates being bad to your hair) and your ends detangled with a little conditioner (not too much because it will weigh down your hair, especially straight hair). Some people in my family have such fine and straight hair that they don't use conditioner at all - I've always used it as my hair is curly and dry but not as cowash or leave in, just after shampoo.
Also no men in my family use conditioner.
If most people are like my family, that would explain why shampoo bottles are so big. They use more shampoo than conditioner!

Lady Judah 03-31-2014 03:18 PM

Echoing what Ms. Cabernet said. I don't have fine hair but the double dose of shampoo followed by a little conditioning is always how my mom did my hair and later how I did it myself until learning about curly hair.

Blueblood 03-31-2014 10:14 PM

I read when I was a teen that a double dose of shampoo was just a marketing ploy to make you use more.

Probably why all the shampoo and conditioner bottles are the same size where I am because this was published in the beauty sections of lots of newspapers and in the cheaper women's magazines.

laurabella 04-01-2014 11:16 PM


Originally Posted by sixelamy (Post 2262763)
Nope, even as a straight haired girl I would always finish the conditioner before the shampoo. I see a lot of shampoo/conditioners the same size, it's just what the store decides to carry, I suppose.

True, in grocery stores and drug stores they tend to usually be the same size. And sometimes in the salons as well. However, whenever they are NOT the same size, it's always the conditioner that's smaller. And it is actually pretty often. Every Redken product I saw there was a conditioner smaller than the shampoo. But since it's more common in salons it makes sense that it might be about the sizes they choose to stock, rather than the sizes they are exclusively manufactured in.

I remember reading in a magazine once that the shampoo you chose mattered far less than the conditioner you chose. That they were all similar (and I suppose who you are comparing shampoos that all contain lots of sulfates, that we be somewhat true among them?). Perhaps the larger shampoos are to create a perception of value and encourage you to buy them....

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