I need more moisture

I think really girl for over a year and still trying to work out the kinks. I am currently using Redken curvaceous cream shampoo or Alba bontanica natural Hawaiian shampoo coconut milk when I need to wash. That's a rare occasion though. for my rinse out conditioner I use Garnier Fructis fortifying conditioner pure clean and for my leave in conditioner I use as I am leave in conditioner. I don't do the treatment because I haven't found 1i like but my hair needs more moisture.

based on how my hair behave I'm pretty sure I have low porosity hair. Any suggestions for a deep conditioner or a better rinse out conditioner?
The quality of my hair has improved some but its still very dry.
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My hair has a tendency toward dryness, though it's more in the normal porosity range. Two of the most moisturizing conditioners I've used are Aubrey organics honeysuckle rose, and desert essence coconut. I don't have too much knowledge of which ingredients build up in low porosity hair, but those are my suggestions.
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Thank you, at this point I'll try anything :-) I really appreciate your suggestions

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I just read that you think your hair is low porosity. I find that using minute amounts of "richer" products (styling products) moisturizes my hair the best. I never have to DT.

My theory about LP hair is that you need to give it the time it needs to absorb the products you use. Rinse out conditioners are only on your hair for a minute or two, if that--so they aren't as important as your styling products. Frequently, my hair is dry hours before the styling products are absorbed. It gets better as the day goes on.
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Try using your conditioner with a steamer or heat cap. When I remember I just put on a plastic cap on after applying my dt. I also rinse and condition my hair daily when I am home (I travel frequently for work). My hair is never dry or dehydrated as a result.

A very hydrating conditioner I enjoy is Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner. I used that when my hair was really dehydrated and it worked fairly quickly when used daily. Right now I am trying out Giovanni Avocado conditioner with good results. I balance the daily moisture conditioner with a dt that has hydrolyzed proteins bi-weekly (CJ Curl Fix).

Also try applying coconut oil to dry hair the night before you plan to shampoo. I've also noticed that shampooing less also helps tremendously--like the conditioning works better.

Just throwing out a few different options...
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I've been wanting to try to use a steamer or heat cap. Any recommendations for a decently priced good one?

I've been wanting to try coconut oil as well, but I wasn't sure how to go about it. I guess I should look up some recipes for deep conditioning or something

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