Need help with BAD build up problem!! Help!!!

Help! I used a product that built up horribly on my hair! I have washed it once with Suave Clarifying Shampoo and it still has build up! Any ideas what else I can use shampoo wise? My hair is soooo dry now too!! It wasn't even a silicone! Pvp/va copolymer in Jane Carter spray. It's awful.
Anything with hydrolized castor oil does this to my hair. I washed it 3 times in a row with sulfate shampoo, followed with an acv rinse, then promptly did a deep condition for like30 min- 1 hour to fix it. Sorry. Hopefully you will not need to go to those extremes
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For me personally, with some buildup (like polyquats) I have to do 2 or 3 washes in one shower to feel like I've gotten it all out. Do more than 1 wash if that's what it takes, then follow up with a deep conditioner. I happen to love Neutrogena Anti-Residue shampoo - it has never failed me.

If you still have buildup after multiple washes, I would investigate ingredients in your other products as well.
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I've used As I am clarifying shampoo. Works great for when I have any build up.

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I use the suave clarifying shampoo & it takes more than one wash to get out the product. I follow up with a deep condition.
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If you ever encounter that problem again you can use a baking soda rinse. Another very good "home-made" clarifier is borax (a mineral laundry additive that can be found at Target, for example, under the brand "20 Mule Team"), both will remove just about anything. After you work any of these in your hair with a scrunching motion and leave it in for a minute you will see the water turn milky-white as it emulsifies whatever's sitting on your hair, then just rinse well until the water runs clear.

For the b.s. rinse you need 1 tbsp. in one cup of warm water, and all that's needed for the borax is one teaspoon dissolved in one cup of very hot water (which, of course, you must allow to cool down to a comfortable temperature). Some people follow with an acid rinse to lower the pH but this isn't really necessary in most cases since the pH of hair COs is low anyway.
I hear baking soda can be damaging to skin and hair. I haven't heard of using borax & since I'm not sure what that is exactly id suggest using a shampoo. I had 2 horrible experiences with homemade recipes. Just don't work.
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That may be on people with very sensitive skin, I've never had any problems with it whatsoever, and in all the years I was here before never heard of anyone else who did either, so I really can't understand why all of a sudden it's getting a bad rap.

I'm a cosmetologist so I never recommend things that "don't work", however, with that said, since everyone is different you can't be surprised if something that works for somebody else doesn't work for you.
I think there's a big difference between using baking soda as a clarifier and using it as a regular wash method. The latter seems to be very unsuccessful in the long term. As a clarifier it works fine, although IME a tablespoon is way too much (I don't have sensitive skin). I'd say the same for borax. Shampoo is equally effective.
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I agree, b.s. should not be used for washing nor for clarifying often. And you're right about a tbsp. being too much, I apologize, I got momentarily confused. I should've written 1 tsp. for each, I'm sure now that's what I've used (but it's been months...).
If you have a problem with build up, you can do an apple cider vinegar rinse. It help clarifies the scalp and hair.

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