updated w/ more pics: help me choose the best hair length

Okay, I'm needing some pro-curly haircut advice. I've been growing out my hair for three years now, and I've started reaching the place that my 2b/right side and 3a/left and back sides are starting to get less curly from the weight.

So I've uploaded some pics to http://public.fotki.com/laurabeth33/hair/ (password=mrpibb) from Jan 2004 through Mar 2007 in lengths from super-short (was barely wavy) to short to chin length to medium length (just before my shoulders) to shoulder length to long.

I'm open to votes on which length to have it as well as any cut/styling suggestions (like shoulder length but more layers...just keep in mind that layers don't spring up for me but are usually less curly).

Basically, I need you guys to be my Nick Arrojo from WNTW and suggest what you would do to my hair (which I disagree with some of what he does, like using a razor on curly hair).

Finally, there was a thread recently about how old longer hair made women over their early twenties look. Do I look older with long hair, as if a super-young hairstyle makes every sign of age on my face more noticeable by contrast? Feel free to state that one hairstyle made me look x-age and another made me look y-age. I won't be insulted if someone says a style makes me look 10+ years older than I am. I really need honest opinions.

I like the medium and shoulder lengths best. It's nice length with nice curl

The chin length is cute when fuller, but aging to me when it's less full for some reason.
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My favorite is the 8/04 through chin-length. I think shoulder length pulls you face down and makes you look older. The length now makes you look older still. I suck at guessing ages, but i think the length puts an extra 5 years or so on you as opposed to the short hair pics.
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I agree with Bailey. Your hair is so cute in that short pic too! It's all full too. I see it's more noticably curly in the longer pics but honestly it's curly in the short ones too I think. It looks fuller curly and makes your face look shorter.
Maybe you are younger in the short pic , I'm not good at telling that but you sure look it.

I'm going through this now, I'm growing longer for the curls but I'm not sure what suits my face. I'll probably get to long length and have to make the same decision, keep it or not or just get a different hairstyle.

Speaking of hair styles, if you were dead set on keeping length them some layers to bring up the volume would sure help.
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I'm not a pro but since you're looking for opinions & I have one...

I would go for medium length with some additional layers. It frames your face beautifully, has a pretty curl pattern and the best volume. I say more layers because seems most curly at chin length with shorter layers.

3a/b mix
Wow-I can't believe how long your hair is now! I have to agree with Tinab- I usually like longer hair, but I think medium looks perfect. I do think a medium cut w/long layers cut in would give the body and shape that would look great on you. The short styles also look good on you, so I guess you can't go too wrong in either direction
I like the short cuts the best on you, next the medium length.
I like the short to chin-length - makes you look so much younger. The longer hair does seem to add some years - have you tried doing a half-up/half-down style? It might give you a "lift" but you could still have the long hair. I do this with my hair and I know it makes a big difference in how I look (something with the eyes moving upward I guess).

My favorite pic is the 8/10/04 .
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I like the first picture the best, I think your hair looks more spunky there.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07
First, I'll say that you and your hair look good at all lengths, but some better than others.

I like the chin to medium length, pics 7-10 best. While the shorter is cute, I think you look younger with it a little longer. I also like how it brings out more curl being longer, but not too long, then it gets weighed down. I like the medium length, but I would try something different with the front, a different part or something to add some width/fullness at the top. I think some layering would help that. And somewhere between chin and just under shoulder.

I didn't realize until looking thru the different lengths at once, that your hair is very like my sister's. Her hair loses curl and gets weighed down if too long also. She is currently below shoulder length and needs a cut to bring out the waves and curls (trying to get her to Teresa that did mine ) Her hair usually does best around shoulder length.

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The shortest cut is really cute, unique and makes you look younger.
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I like the medium length best.
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Hi LB,

I agree with the gals who voted for the earlier, shorter cuts. You have really gorgeous hair in general, but I think the shorter cuts definitely do more for your face, and your hair, to me, looks more vibrant when shorter.

Let us know what you decide.

Okay, so we have (the leaders bolded):

2 supershort (lushaholic, islandcurls)

5 short (Bailey422, medusahair, Liz's loops, LavenderCurls, Lori J)

6 chin length (Bailey422, medusahair, Liz's loops, LavenderCurls, CurliLocks, Lori J)

5.5 medium length (redcelticcurls, tinabcurly, Curly Girl Fla, Liz's loops (.5 since 2nd choice), CurliLocks, Gemini13)

1 shoulder length (redcelticcurls)

0 long
I'm glad I'm on the right track asking the question because no one has voted for the long option. At least I'm not being over-picky thinking long didn't look so good on me. Luckily, my DH loves short hair on women.

Lush and islandcurls, I must admit that you two liking the super-short surprised me. Can you elaborate?
It's going to be hard for you to decide since we all have different answers! But I'll add mine to the mix.

You look great at any length. Long hair doesn't age you in my opinion.
I don't think long hair makes anyone look older as long as there are some layers around the face to soften it and give it some life. And also, since I'm already old(er) I don't really care if long hair ages me.

Pic #6 short hair right about chin length is my favorite on you (I like chin length hair are nearly everyone, including me). In the pics marked chin length the back is longer which I don't like as well.

So if I were you and was going to cut my hair, I'd cut it chin length all around with some shorter pieces so it would be bouncy and lively.
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I think I like either the short (pics 5 and 6) or shoulder length hair. Longer seems to pull out some of the curl and volume. Your hair looks very cute at chin length but I'm not sure it's the most flattering to your face. (It's not a good length for my face either.)

Overall I think I would go for short, because it does look youthful and a bit different. You have some very impressive curls going there.
I think chin length is your best look. The curls look best, your hair looks fuller, and it frames your face perfectly. The medium would be my next choice, but beyond that, your curls seem far too weighed down.

By the way, has anyone ever told you that you favor Dana Delaney?
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Your hair looks very cute at chin length but I'm not sure it's the most flattering to your face. (It's not a good length for my face either.)
Originally Posted by SuZenGuide
Do you think it makes my face look too round? I have a genetic, kinda-double-chin thing going that makes me insecure about my neck area. Even when I was in high school and not even 110 lbs, I had it, so I know it's not a weight thing.
LB, I dig what jeep is saying about the chin length. I think a graduated bob would look great on you. The sides would be about jaw length or a bit shorter, and the back is about at your nape. I don't think chin-length hair makes your face look rounder. (I also liked your hair at its shortest.)

I really like the medium and shoulder lengths. Maybe cut it to med and let it grow back to shoulder length or so?
The chin length is cute but I think it does draw the most attention to your chin. (Since that's obviously where chin length will draw the eye.)
The longer length seems to drag your curls out. They're weighed down into waves. Cute, but not really what you're going for, I think.
Short is cute but I think medium-shoulder makes you look youngest. That also seems to be where you get the best curl definition.

You have great hair, any which way you cut it.
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