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Things have been a bit crazy lately and I haven't had much time to mess with my hair. So there have been several days where it has gone in a bun. Well...lots of of complements with my hair in a bun. What's the point of trying to style it when people like it better wrapped in a bun. Sigh, it is easier.
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I think the same as with straight hair: its the novelty. If you wear up your hair always the day you let it down you are gonna get so many compliments.
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Agreed...you did something "different" so people will comment and/or compliment you on it!

I straightened by hair for over a year and had people compliment me at work. They had NEVER seen me with my naturally curly hair until one day my flat iron quit and I went to work with subpar wavy hair (it was frizzy, undefined, limp) and my supervisor pulled me aside and told me my hair looked fabulous! LOL another moment of my hair just being different!

A compliment is a compliment, don't let it get you down!
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I had not thought of the fact that it's different. Thanks!
2a/b, med/high porosity, high density, fine texture

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