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So I'm a guy with about an inch and a half fro and it's curly only when I put it in twists and take it out the next morning. I basically had to do it every night it's too much work. I got girl friends who just do this wash and go thing and their hair looks good for a week. Thing is, I tried it but I literally have no curls whatsoever. It's always just a straight Afro, no matter what I do or put in it.
Is there a possibility that my hair will never actually get curls without twisting it. Or am I doing something wrong. I wash my hair, put in Cantu leave in and then gel. Mess around with it and come it out while it's wet and still nothing.

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Yes, unfortunately so many type 4 ladies are sucked into a "curly" movement thinking it will make their hair turn curly. You are right that it will not. A Brazilian Keratin Treatment can do that.
You can also do the twist outs that you are doing. But changing shampoo and conditioner will not do that.
It is so unfortunate that so many type 4 ladies are tricked into thinking that not using sulphates and silicone conditioner will change their type 4 pattern.
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Everyone has different hair textures, it is likely your hair just isn't curly like your friends. If you try to to do a Keratin Treatment beware, it could damage your hair and give you straight pieces.

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Wumi you are the person who though Brazilian keratin treatments straighten type 4 hair. So much WRONG information out here. As you see on the lady in the video above https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CegpqhRRj-w , it will barely loosen it 1 step, maybe to 4a for your hair OP. There will be no straight hair after you shampoo out the first flatiron Naps 09
Only type 2s and loose 3s can get any straightening from BKT.

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Nap09 there are posters on here who can keep their twists and braid outs for 2-3 days.

If you say what products you are using and what your sleep régime is you may get some helpful advise.

In regards to wash and go - if your hair doesn't have a curl pattern then you can't change it by dumping products on it. You can use chemicals but I would advise against it as even if it's done correctly at some point someone will jack up your hair.
I'm not sure why a keratin treatment is being recommended when the question was about how to make his hair more curly? Keratin will make your hair more straight.

Anyway, it may be possible that your hair won't naturally curl or you could be using the wrong products and processes for your hair type. For me, brushing and combing my hair after I wash and condition it takes away my curls. What does your hair look like when it's wet if you use a ton of conditioner in it and run it through with your fingers?
Embrace the afro. Love it. Care for it. Your hair is just not the curly type, accept it and do what's easier for you.

Have you tried spraying it with oil&water then fluffing it out in the mornings?

My hair doesn't wng like I see others do. I do a twist out in the beginning of the week and just work with what my hair gives me the rest of the week, making sure to moisturize daily. I get less stress and more sleep that way.

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I like mini afros on some guys. As long as it is kept looking kempt and trimmed when needed, you may be able to pull it off. Two of my guy friends have small afros and they look good with them. They've tried using products to make their hair look curlier but it hasn't worked so far. Everyone's wash-n-go looks different in some way, and wash-n-gos don't work for everyone. My hair curls very easily but I don't like wash-n-gos, either, I like stretched hair.

Whenever you feel like having your hair curly, simply do the twist-out. And when you don't feel like stretching your hair, then wear it as is.
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I'm not sure why a keratin treatment is being recommended when the question was about how to make his hair more curly? Keratin will make your hair more straight.
Originally Posted by secret_karma
The person who claims to be a hair stylist recommended it as she mentions it in a lot of threads.

Other people would have recommended different chemical processes.
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