Bad hair cut: what can I do to change how it looks?

So I got layers done, and I made the mistake mentioning I had 'v' in the front half of my face. I only meant to acknowledge this, but apparently he took it as "give me a v"

Now my top half of my head is too full and overpowering to the 4 inch across very bottom of the layers. So yeah, if I don't get it cut again it will take me 4 months for it to grow out, but is there anything I can do to make the bottom part look more full and tame the top a little?

and yes I've learned my lesson about making my intentions clear to the hair dresser.

Maybe some other useful information: The top layer is around my shoulders, and the bottom by my waist. And it's very dense.
Id say first give it a week to see how the hair adapts to the new cut.

And if you still dont like it, can you do half ups for the 4 months until you are back were you like it?

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