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I recently started used the Deva Curl products and have been able to go 3 days without washing. My hair hasn't been this happy in years. However, on day 2 I lose the shine and on day 3 it looks very unhealthy and dull. Other than buying a shine spray/serum/etc is there any way to get the shine back?
do you sleep with a satin sleep cap? that would help a lot with frizz. when you wake up, spray your hair with water to dampen it. after that you can apply whatever products you use (i use a leave in, then seal it with oil, then apply a tiny bit of gel).
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Yes, I agree with the spraying with water (distilled so you won't add dulling minerals from the tap, or a home-made moisturizing mix) and the satin bonnet. The reason for the loss of shine is that with loss of moisture the cuticle starts to open and the hair surface is not as smooth anymore and thus unable to reflect light. You don't even have to wet your hair too much, and before you go to bed you can do just a light misting, this may be especially helpful during winter when the air is dry or if you sleep in an air conditioned room. If you work in a cold air conditioned environment (as it happens in many buildings...) I recommend that you carry a travel-size spray bottle with you with lavender spray or even plain distilled water to mist your hair lightly in the middle of the day.

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