Prom hair!

I have my senior prom tomorrow and I am getting my hair styled professionally for the first time tomorrow. I have pretty long 3a hair that I love but I want bigger curls for this one time.

Do I wash my hair tonight with conditioner? Or just shower? Or use day old hair?
I've heard they have to straighten your hair for these styles so maybe I should wash it and brush it?

I was thinking of something like these:
Prom hair!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1399686695.654660.jpgProm hair!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1399686705.145389.jpg
2C on top, 3A everywhere else.
CG since the new year!
I'm guessing they are going to use heat to style it? if you have gel or mousse in your hair, i would cowash it before getting it styled to get the product out. if not, dirty hair works best for styling.
Glycerin sensitive, protein craving
Co wash- AIA coconut
rinse out- GVP conditioning balm
DT: Joico K-pak
Gel- lots of FSG
The only product I have in is KCCC from this morning so I guess I will Cowash it tonight and hope is dirties a bit before 10am tomorrow lol. Yeah, I think they will have to straighten it and then curl it. I haven't used heat products in years and I'm kind of nervous lol.
2C on top, 3A everywhere else.
CG since the new year!

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