Alternatives to Coconut Oil?

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Hello This is my first time posting here but i have been straightening/blowdrying my hair for 4/5 years and looked back at old photos of me as a curly and decided to go back to natural hair. Im still trying to figure out my hair routine and what's best for it, but i have noticed that coconut oil is a huge hit with everyone. However I cant stomach the smell of anything coconutty and my dad is allergic and was wondering if anybody had any alternatives to cocnut oil?
Coconut oil is in general chosen for its ability to penetrate.
This post goes through most oils and grade them: Science-y Hair Blog: Oils – Which Ones Soak In vs. Coat the Hair? Among the more easy to find you have sunflower oil. For less penetration, but still some you have olive oil, avocado oil and many others.
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Thank you for your quick response, i'll go have a look now!
I'm not sure whether you were planning to use the oil as a conditioning product or a sealer. I also don't know what your hair properties are and such. I have very fine hair and Argan oil works pretty well for me for something to mix with a leave in for some extra shine or as a light sealer. Used in sensible amounts it doesn't weigh my hair down. I found a bottle in Marshall's for about $10 but it is usually pretty expensive for a hair oil, so you may want to try some others first.

Olive oil made my hair really soft and shine BUT it weighed it down. I almost never get acne as my skin has gotten pretty dry now that I'm older but using olive oil on my hair did make my face breakout around my hairline. If you're prone to break outs you may want to use olive oil with caution.

I've heard really great things about grapeseed oil and jojoba oil as a sealer.
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Can confirm that if you're looking for a sealer grapeseed oil is awesome. It works like magic for my fine, highly porous hair anyhow.

Argan oil was a little too light for me or something. My hair just really needs something to help seal it I think and Argan oil just absorbs right into my hair.

Coconut oil also works amazingly for me to get a little extra conditioning but I hate the way it smells also so I mix a little into my RO or LI conditioner. That way I get the benefits and don't have to smell it in my hair. There are also some hair products like the SM curl enhancing smoothie that don't have the gross coconut oil smell (I mean it does sort of smell like coconuts but not coconut oil which is 100% different to me at least) but still have some coconut oil in them for the conditioning effects and such.

As far as your dad being allergic goes.. I would think it would be okay as long as he isn't sharing your hair products or something.

Anyhow, HTH!
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Thanks for this because coconut oil gives me migraines. I will look into grapeseed & argon oil. Where can I get argon oil?

You could try using REFINED coconut oil, it's odorless
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I will because the virgin is a mess. I didn't know there was a different one.
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Another proof of how DIFFERENT we all are... I absolutely LOVE VCO the smell and taste of coconut, I eat it, sniff it, and use it on my hair and skin. But I'm an "island girl" who grew up eating coconuts...
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True. I'm new too coconut oil. My skin loves coconut oil but my brain doesn't. Lol funny is I love to drink coconut milk since I can't drink real milk.
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Now... that's really unusual and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it, lol! I couldn't eat/drink anything that I don't like the smell of... Hmm, that's not entirely true either... just remembered papaya, I'm not crazy about the smell but I do eat on occasion and I'm sure there are some foods (like seafood...), that I'm also not entirely crazy about but do like the taste... Ah, the human mind, who can figure it out?
I'll definitely give refined coconut oil a try aswell as the grapeseed and olive oil! I'll try a week with each because like I said I'm still trying to figure out my routine but thanks a lot for all the help!

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