1 Month Since Big Chop + Hair Type???

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I cut off my relaxed ends May 1st after an 8 month long transitioning process. When I first chopped, my hair was obviously shocked. I think the only portion of my hair that had a noticeable curl pattern was the hair toward my nape area. But, as time has passed, I've slowly began to notice that other parts of my hair are curling slightly, too.

The most I've come to understand about my hair is that my individual strands are fine (kind of hard to see shed strands in the light), but my hair overall is dense/thick. I also still have a few tiny straight ends I need to take care of.

Although I think it may be a little too early for me to start hair typing, since it hasn't really been that long since I've chopped, if any of you guys had to guess, what would you say my curl pattern is? I'm pretty sure I fall somewhere in the type 4 category.

Thanks! The attached pictures are my hair post wash with NO product.
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From what I can see, I'd say 3c/4a.
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3b/c ~ fine ~ medium porosity ~ low density ~ dyed dark red
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I would say 3c/4a also. Your curls look like mine. 😉 so pretty.
I'm no good at typing into the 4s, but wow! Very pretty hair.
3a/b, F, normal porosity

Suave conditioner, LAL gel

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