Curly hair when not styled ugly?

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To be honest, I don't think I even KNOW anyone who has pin straight hair. The ones who do have to flat iron it to get it that way. I gotta say EVERYONE I know has to do *something* to their hair. I know of not one person who rolls out of bed or steps out the the shower and doesn't work at their hair to get it straight, wavy or in the case of curlies, to control frizz. And how your hair looks out of the shower is a whole lot different in many/most cases to how it looks dry. IF I have styled my hair, my silly 2a wavy hair that most curlies probably think I "work too hard at" on day one, SOMETIMES I can de-pineapple in the morning and just wide comb it and it looks nice with volume and a little wave though I still usually have to run some argan oil through it to smooth it or I start looking like Osha from Game of Thrones midday. MOST of the time, (And I bet your mom would think I have straight hair) I still have to spritz it down and add some styler back in. IF my hair is straightened with a curling iron (which still requires product and a good amount of time to straighten) by the end of the day, weak as my waves are, they are pushing out bumps here and there. So, IMO it's nearly a MYTH anyone rolls out of bed with good hair or pulls out a scrunchie, shakes their head and goes. There may be a few, but it is by far the minority and a small minority. EVEN when I kept my hair pixie short, I could not just get up and leave. I USUALLY had to wash my hair every day and use product. The days I was super lazy or late and just combed it I either had bowl head hair, or hair that kind of stuck out all over from the previous days product. ONE morning it came out looking kind of cool. ONE time. IT was so rare that I took a pic for instagram. It's such a myth about "good" hair. Well, maybe not a myth but how people think you GOT your good hair is a myth. Someone at work was talking to me about going natural gray and she said "Well, but you have GOOD hair." LOL. She really thinks I roll out of bed and get my hair. I do have good hair in that IF I STYLE IT I can usually get it to look pretty nice. If I don't? All manner of no bueno.
I do know people with pin straight hair...they're actually the closest members of my family...and believe me, when we were kids, all they had to do was shampoo (not even conditioner sometimes) towel dry, comb and voila! Shiny, clean, beautiful straight hair...
Now, me...that's another story...I'm 3b.
Ok well I think *kids* are a whole different kettle of fish. Yes I know girls with virgin long straight hair that can do that. I know of few adults.
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