I saw in a magazine that the pixie haircut is comming back..

Can us curly girls pull that off?? I'll have to talk to my hairstylist about it!! That cut looks soo cute on people with the right face shape for it!!
you may be right!

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I know a girl who tells me her hair is as curly as mine is (I have thick 3B hair). I've never seen her actual curls, as she has worn a short pixie cut for years. It's ADORABLE. I am tempted to get mine cut every time I see her. But the maintenance (frequent cuts) has deterred me every time I'm tempted. I've had very short hair numerous times and it seems the only time my hair grows fast is when it's short.
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My mom has thee most amazing pixie cut, and basically its just little 3b curls all over her head. It makes her look way younger, and in the morning all she does is slap some re:coil on and go, and it dries quickly, with no frizz and perfect definition.

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I have 3a hair and at pixie-length it's straight. So a really short cut is not for me.
Wow. For every Halle Berry who can pull off the short cuts, I've seen 10 curlies for whom that look is really just ...unfortunate. Besides your face shape, take into account your body type: if you're 5'2" & 100 lb, it looks proportionate. If you're like me: 5'9" & curvy, you can end up with the look I've heard referred to as the 'reverse ice cream cone.' (The upright ice cream cone being that other unfortunate look: large hips in very narrow-ankle jeans) Proceed with caution.
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I have to say I've always been a bit envious of those who can pull off short cuts. However, I tried it and . . . while everyone in my life will swear I can pull it off (with the caveat that they prefer it long), I don't believe them and swore to never, ever do it again. Between cowlicks, my not quite uniform curls (althought at the time I wasn't really wearing it curly and it was probably too short for it anyways at approx 1inch short), the fact that people already think I look a decade younger than I am (and I don't think the short hair helped), and the painful never-ending growing out process . . . nope.

But, some people can pull it off flawlessly. And to those people . . . :P
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When we were leaving church just a little while ago, I saw someone who I'd not met before with a short haircut (don't know if it was a pixie cut or not), but it was adorable on her! Her hair was still fairly wet and she had curls all over - very cute. But this thread made me think of her.
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It worked for me, I had a very short cut after my first son, because I couldnt handle the work involved in looking after my enormous bush of hair (it grew like wildfire when I was pregnant!), and my hair had gone into such a dry fuzzy mess that I decided to start anew. I was fortunate in that my mother cut it for me, so I didnt have to pay for frequent cuts.

I will say though, that like others here, my hair looked very straight at that length, so if you're wanting to still show some curl, you need to know whether it will still curl when short.

I am going to add some more pics soon with my short cut, my pre CG fuzzball, and my straightened TR locks, so that its more of a curl journey.

Liz xx
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz


But then again, too few to mention...
Can us curly girls pull that off?? I'll have to talk to my hairstylist about it!! That cut looks soo cute on people with the right face shape for it!!
Originally Posted by texascurly
I don't know if I pulled it off--but I tried, lol. Sorry if the pix is not too clear.

Oh well, I don't think it worked--I'll try it again when I'm more awake, lol.
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pixie cut? that can be cute, but like some of you said, with a chunky body it can be a disaster. i figure on getting a short cut when i am ready to be gray, but not one minute before...
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It's funny, last night my husband and I were watching tv and I commented on a hockey players 70's looking mustache. My husband said he was gonna start wearing one, which I'm not a fan of, so I threatened to cut my hair into a pixie if he did, since I know he's not a fan. He didn't believe me...he knows me to well! It is a cute style on some women though. Power to ya!
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I commented in the other thread referenced, about the model who cut off all of her hair recently. I liked my pixie cut, precisely because my hair was straight at that length. I did have to get trims about every 6 weeks, when curls would start to form. I wanted my curls back, so I'm growing it out again. I have a picture of me with the cut on my webpage link.

ETA - CitznMag, that short hair on you is adorable!
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I wear my hair very short, in a curly twa. I love the pixie cuts that some of you have had. I think that the tighter your curl pattern, the shorter you have to go to rock the true pixie. Here's a pic I just found in the Andre Walker book. He calls it a "crew cut," but would it still be considered a pixie?

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It just made me look like I had a short mullett... Thank Heavens those days are long gone. (Thanks mom.....uggghhhh)
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If I ever tried to pull off a pixiecut, I'd look like "Pat" the he/she character from Saturday Night Live!!!!!!!!

Ya know, the one who no one could EVER figure out the gender???
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ROFL, echo & too! Yes. I did this in 1984 & never, ever again. That look was sooo cool that year: the Olivia Newton-John "Let's Get Physical" and Rachel Ward in Against All Odds. And it WAS a she-mullet! OMG. I think the only evidence of that is in my mom's huge family photo album 2,000 miles away. Where it shall remain. Forever.
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