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CelticCurls 03-17-2007 11:03 AM

Whine alert! My hair is hating the endless snow
Almost 2 solid weeks of daily, endless snow. OK, that's it. I am officially jealous of all of you who live in moderate climates. Which is pretty much anywhere down South in the lower 48. Except Florida. Those curlies know my pain. There just is no dry season here. So many gels you all can use, but so few products can stand up to the relentless cool rainforest mist & humidity here. Even BRHG has been failing me. Excuse me a moment......
[Wahhhhhhh!!!! (stomping feet) Wahhhh!!]

This is unusual weather, but I've noticed that unlike the rain & mist, which can sometimes reactivate my curl if I reapply GF leave-in, the snow seems to just make it sticky and kind of matted after it melts. :cry:

medusahair 03-17-2007 11:39 AM

Welcome to the cold version of my world. It's so humid here some days that my hair will look gunky from my product sucking up the water in the air.
Those are the days I go super light on conditioner and use a strong gel.
When do ya'll finally get a break in the weather usually?

CelticCurls 03-17-2007 02:01 PM

Thank you medusa, for providing a little cheese to go with my whine. Winters are usually very mild. This is the snowiest winter on record. But even mild means 40F & endless rain. Summer here is often gorgeous: 70F & sunny. My avatar pix was taken last August. Humidity is 'only' around 60% then. If the gel is hard hold enough, then sometimes I get the gooey, sticky thing happening when the mist/drizzle starts up. The worst for that was ABBA Weightless gel. OMG. Gave me awesome definition, but when it drizzled outside, it actually hardened my hair into a sticky plastic spiderweb. :shock:

medusahair 03-17-2007 04:57 PM

ooooooooooh yeah I can so relate!
That's the reason I'm always using those medium hold gels so I don't get the gunk head look. First it's all gunky then it's crispy. I have to scrunch it off and on during the day and then I give myself frizz!
I said hard hold gel, hard for me, B&A which I"m not sure others think it's hard hold but for me it was. It was the Abba and the sports deb I think I used off and on that got nasty on me in 60-95% humidity which is normal in the summer here.

Well dang what do you do when it's super humid then? leave off gel altogether or just grumble and hope for a dry day tomorrow?

CelticCurls 03-18-2007 12:18 PM

Leave off gel?!?! she asks. Bwahahahah! W/out gel, my hair looks like a big poofy undefined blob; spirals don't even form. I do find that putting gel into very wet hair, then squeezing water out again, then plopping,, eliminates all crunch for me,, reduces goo factor. In humid weather I double up on leave-in & add a cream for weight, like LOOB or Souffle.

But this blizzard weather is just something else: between snowstorms, the air is actually kind of dry & windy. So it's the worst of all weather conditions at once.

B&A is a good idea though. It's a med hold for me, & the only gel I can use on hair that is already towel dried. I'll try that today.

medusahair 03-18-2007 12:42 PM

I guess I'll stop complaining about our weather then. It's dry between rain storms but at least we dont' have snow! I'm in shorts again already and it must be 80 out there right now. You watch in a day or two it will be pouring down all day for days on end.

I can't get decent hair without gel either I don't know why I thought you had some miracle hair :lol:

I hope the snow and wind ends soon!

CelticCurls 03-21-2007 11:14 AM

It's Miracle-Gro hair, is what it is medusa. Without gel, I resemble a Chia Pet.

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