HyperThyroid Hair Problem

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So I'm pretty sure this is the culprit for may hair problems. Ever since I could remember my hair was different, it would be straight when short then would curl with length, but my hair roots would become irritated if I ran my fingers through it and my scalp would always be red. Anyway the longer my hair got, the more it look like I had bald spots. My hair even at short lengths would fall out randomly as well. The longer my hair gets the more frizzy fine and brittle it gets. The problem makes sense bc even when I did cg, low poo, or hi protein I still had hair that look bad. When long no matter how much moisture or protein, my hair still is terible. Apparently these are all symptoms of a Hyperthyroid. My Question is for anyone who had a hyperthyroid that was treated or destroyed, what happened to your hair afterward? Sorry my hair is 2c and 3a and very fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Avg porosity
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Thyroid problems, whether hyper or hypo, have a definite negative influence on the hair, and I suspect the reason is as one guy says in his website that thyroid problems reflect multiple nutritional deficiencies.

I have Hashi's but I'm sure I've had hyper periods, especially when I was younger, but back then I never saw any significant effect on my hair. However, once when I was on Armour Thyroid briefly, it caused a ton of hair to fall and keep falling for months afterwards, what stopped the loss of when I switched to the CG method, but the way I got my hair to regrow was by taking a supplement called Kal's Super Silica Plus with MSM. And every time I've noticed it starting to think a little I reorder this product, it's really saved my hair!
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Hello. I have Graves. I have been on MMI for 3 months and have gone from a 2B to a 3B very quickly. I want my old hair back. It is really frizzy, too. I look like I am single handedly bringing back the perm from 1986. Anybody out there have curlier hair b/c of graves? Any advice on how to manage it (products, washing, etc.)?

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