Newbie Needs Your Help!

I finally embraced my naturally wavy/curly hair!

I'm so confused by all the products though! My original plan was to transition from Living Proof No Frizz to DevaCurl & also use the It's a 10 Miracle Leave In on sopping wet hair.

I have S-type waves, tons of course, fairly high porosity hair & I'm of Irish/English decent with collar length hair. I also color my hair. I'm type 2c/3a. My hair tends to want to be big & poufy, although lacking volume at the crown.

Could someone with similar hair please recommend some products for me? So far I'm liking the DevaCurl, but it seems like maybe there are better products out there you all have found based on your experiences? Or is that a good place to start?

Thanks so much!
2c/3a med. density, coarse, low porosity, color treated
Nizoral AD Shampoo (scalp condition); DevaCare One Condition
Redken Curvaceous Ringlet, Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock, or DevaCurl B'Leave-in curl definers
DevaCurl Heaven in Hair DT
DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam (crown)
DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel
I have the opposite type hair (lo po and baby fine) but wanted to congratulate you on embracing your natural curl.

What issues is your hair facing? Do you need hold, moisture, definition, clumping, etc? I am useless about recommending products for the most part. I can recommend homemade products though, based on what you want your hair to do.
Thanks, Naturecat. My hair concerns are frizz (I live in an area that's humid in Summer), lack of volume at the crown, and my curls could use more definition. I have to use a lot of product on my hair to keep the frizz and poufy volume (everywhere except crown) to a minimum.

I'm wondering what others with frizz problems/porous hair use.
2c/3a med. density, coarse, low porosity, color treated
Nizoral AD Shampoo (scalp condition); DevaCare One Condition
Redken Curvaceous Ringlet, Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock, or DevaCurl B'Leave-in curl definers
DevaCurl Heaven in Hair DT
DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam (crown)
DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel
I have major frizz too, and either flax seed gel or gelatin hair gel have helped various people (including me) with that. Flax seed gel helps with definition. So does okra gel. I don't know how you do with protein; thicker hair tends not to like it. So in place of gelatin (which has protein) you can use other thickeners; kudzu (people with thicker hair have reported liking this), agar agar, pectin, cornstarch, arrowroot, etc. I've found that strong hold is what helps me with frizz most, but there are so many causes for frizz, so what helps one person may not work for another. Lack of moisture seems to be the most common cause.

Deep treatments help frizz. There are so many deep treatments out there and a lot is trial and error, or you can homemake your own using oils, shea butter, banana, avocado, mayo, yogurt, or other things from around your kitchen. Gals with thick porous hair have really liked Shea Moisture products. Coconut oil has properties that allow it to penetrate the hair. Though a bit heavy for my hair as anything other than a pre poo, I know other curlies (esp high porosity) love it and use it to seal their hair; others use it to SOTC or as part of a deep treatment.

With lack of volume at the crown, there are all sorts of sprays and mousses but I can't recommend any unfortunately; I just don't have luck with products. However, technique can help a fair amount. Clipping the roots can be helpful. So can diffusing upside down. When my hair is dry I grab my hair by the roots and shake it up a bit and this helps.

One last thing about Devacurl; some people it works well for. Some others, it seems to stop working over time. And yet others, it just doesn't work for. I've heard people mention Spiral Solutions (though I have as yet to try them) and sweet curls elixirs. Lots of people on here have mentioned LA wet looks gel, BRHG, and ecostyler. The latter 3 I think I've seen get the most mentions. For Co washing people seem to often use suave coconut or V05 kiwi lime. I'm not sure if you were only looking at styling products but figured I'd throw in everything I'd seen on this site. I wish I could tell you which is for your hair type, but hopefully others can chime in on that. Much is also knowing how your hair reacts to things… does it like or dislike oil or butter? protein? etc…. then seek out products based on the ingredient list.

Edited to add: and I mustn't forget the kinky curly line, particularly the curling custard and knot today.

Edit: Also I notice you're using a shampoo with surfactants. Some (including me) find this to be too drying and frizz inducing. Although the other ingredients in there may help you. Have you tried CO washing? It hasn't worked for me (wavies seem to struggle more with this) but most people on here seem to CO wash, so that may be something else to experiment with and see if that helps your frizz.

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High porosity, coarse lady here.
Also previously dying. When I started CG my hair was a wreck. Naturacut mentioned that since you are coarse you might don't like protein but honestly ny hair got in a better condition after DC with coconut oil and using a protein heavy conditioner. I was applying both on ny dyed parts only. Cowashing wasn't working for me until I found a protein cowash and also when I learned to scalp really good. At the moment I DC only when I notice poofyness or lack of clumping when I haven't changed my routine.
Consistency is your friend. Cold rinse at the end. Also LOC method makes a huge difference. Hard hold gel is a must for me because otherwise my hair fuzzies up.
One thing to have in mind is if you have hard water.
Recently I did a PT out of pure curiosity. Good results but not so often as it made ny hair stiff. Of coarse nothing that my conditioner couldn't fix. Also on my hair silicones, water soluble or not eventually make my hair poofy.
I hope you have a fun time while you embrace your curls. :-)

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M+C/ii, high porosity, medium elasticity, growing old color
2C/3A Botticelli/Corkicelli.Growing out color/heat damage
M/C, Low/Medium/High Por, Normal Elast. Medium Density
LP: INSIGHT DAMAGED HAIR Restructurizing Shampoo
CO: Generic protein conditioner, Hair Academy Deep Cleansing CO
DET/RO/LI: GNC Avocado And Shea Butter Conditioner +/mask,
Styler: Schwarzkopf Taft Fixing GelWellaflex Instant Volume Boost Mousse

Goal: WL when curly
CG since Feb 2014
I have 3a coarse but low density hair. But definitely have a frizz problem in my Texas location. You have been given some excellent suggestions but wanted to add what I have found works best for me. I co wash with Curl Junkie Daily Fix, rake KY Jelly thru as soon as I get out of the shower, scrunch a little bit on the ends with a tshirt just enough to stop the dripping hair and then use Curls Goddess Curls gel. Diffuse to dry on low setting.
Thanks for the advice! What fun experimenting with new products & techniques. You have a lot of good suggestions.

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