PLEASE HELP! Looking for a solution to this ongoing problem! Pictures included!

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Okay, so I have been on this journey for about a year to find an answer to this problem my hair seems to be having. For the most part, my hair seems to be a nice, wavy, texture. However, there is this one specific section on the back of my head that is always dry, brittle, poofy, and will not curl no matter WHAT I do to it or put in it. At first, I thought it was just the texture of my hair in the back. But when I looked closely, my hair was not growing out originally with that texture. I have tried everything: overnight coconut oil treatments, henna n placenta treatments (which seemed to help this area in forming a curls when placed on my hair, but not after I rinsed it out, and when I left it on without rinsing, it hardened the area), deep conditioners, and hair masks. I am at a loss for what to do! Please help me!
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PLEASE HELP! Looking for a solution to this ongoing problem! Pictures included!-20140716_185237%5B1%5D.jpg   PLEASE HELP! Looking for a solution to this ongoing problem! Pictures included!-20140716_185241%5B1%5D.jpg   PLEASE HELP! Looking for a solution to this ongoing problem! Pictures included!-20140716_185313%5B1%5D.jpg   PLEASE HELP! Looking for a solution to this ongoing problem! Pictures included!-20140716_185432%5B1%5D.jpg   PLEASE HELP! Looking for a solution to this ongoing problem! Pictures included!-20140716_185816%5B1%5D.jpg  

How are styling your hair and what products are you using? I style my soaking wet hair with a leave in conditioner and gel. After applying my leave in conditioner and gel from root to tip all thorough out my head, I shake my head and crunch my hair toward my head. Lastly I diffuse my hair on a cool setting so my curls will set. Hope this helps.
The way you described your styling method is basically how I style my curls, except I let my hair air-dry. The gel I used is herbal essence scrunching gel. It comes in a purple squeeze bottle.

Are you sure that you're getting that section with enough gel? I have a very hard time getting that part of my hair covered, and had that same poof. I've been separating my hair to rake gel in, and then scrunching when everything is coating. I'm getting much more consistent results.
For me to best understand what is going on with your, i hope you wouldn't mind answering these additional questions:

1. Is your hair currently all natural (You don't happen to possibly be transitioning at this time)?

2. Have you straightened your hair within the past year or so, and if so, how often? Also, when was the last time you actually had it straightened?

The reason that i am asking these questions is because I really don't know anything about your hair's background and how you have been styling it. And, i don't want to jump into providing product recommendations or any other additional info without really knowing as much as possible about your haircare regimen over this past year.
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I only wear my hair in wash n gos or buns. Also,
I do not use conditioner on my hair on a weekly basis. And, my hair is A ok with that!

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In addition to what other people suggested, to me it looks like your hair is extremely dry and dehydrated. Have you been doing deep moisturizing treatments? Also, staying off sulfate shampoos and any heat treatments would be a good idea. I do know, however, that a lot of times with mixed-textures in one's hair, some days some things don't always behave the way we'd like. Hope this helps!
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I recently noticed a section like that on the back of my head but I've been coloring my hair a lot in recent months so that explains it. However, that section does respond to extra CO and oil. And when wearing my curls I use a refresher spray once during the day and before I go to bed, then to refresh the curls the next day.

My guess is that if your hair is not responding, the products you're using could all contain ingredients that although commonly used are not really great for our hair. And not knowing everything you've put on your hair all I can do is guess as I said. But I've seen more times than I can count how people think they've used "everything there is" when they're just choosing similar products time and again. So please list every single product you've been using regularly for the past month as it might help me/us identify if there's anything you should avoid or other things that may be of more help.

I had the same thing for about a year after going curly. I think it was from the years of flat ironing.
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I didn't look at your pics before but I just did. Your hair looks to me as if it were damaged or very dry. It needs definition, possibly moisture and a good cut.
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Have you considered that the spot you are concerned about might be a sort of birthmark? My sister in law has a birthmark in her red hair that's brown unlike all the rest of her hair. It's a possibility to think about.

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