Face breakouts from wash and go??

Is anyone experiencing an increase of face break outs when they do wash and go styles. I recently broke out pretty bad and my hubby seem to think it's my hair products. Any suggestions

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I have pretty picky skin, so when I first went CG I started breaking out from all kinds of things. I'm fairly sensitive to oils and some botanical extracts (thanks for nothing, marshmallow root!) Even jojoba oil causes me to break out.

It's a little trial and error, but there are some lists out there that rank comedogenic ingredients, here is one to get you started. Google is your friend!

I took too long getting my skin cleared up to even fool around with comedogenic stuff, so if it's an ingredient on the product list, I don't even bother bringing it home.

Good luck - it's a super annoying problem to have when everyone recommends these great HGs and you can't use any of them. Phooey!
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I had this problem too and it was the organic stuff that broke me out. Darn coconut.
Hair care products, if they comes in contact with the skin on your face and is left to remain there for an extended period of time, they can really clog up the pores on your face. I used to experience this problem with breakouts, sometimes really bad on my forehead or around certain perimeters of my face, as a result of such. Which is why, i had to start wearing my hair going back, off my face only. Since then, i have never had to deal with this issue again.

Products with butters and oils in them, or even using a butter or oil in your hair alone and it coming in contact with the skin on your face can cause breakouts. Also, when i used to wear my hair relaxed and had haircuts with bangs, the spray used on my bangs would even cause me to get forehead breakouts. So hairsprays can even cause face breakouts as well.

On makeup, you will often see the words "noncomedogenic" or "non acnegenic". Those are simply superficial terms, as any ingredient or makeup product has the ability to possibly break someone out.

The same can be applied to haircare products, whether they are natural based or not. As, there is no ingredient or haircare product that doesn't have the ability to possibly break someone out or cause an allergic reaction.
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I do not use conditioner on my hair on a weekly basis. And, my hair is A ok with that!

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Thanks for the articles... I have very sensitive skin, I use cocoanut oils on my hair it's my favorite!! ( I don't think I can go with out it. I also do wash and go as my primary style. I typically use leave in conditioner and gel combo...sometimes kinky curly products, I use it all lol I'm currently using miss jessies jelly soft curls and ion detangler in the pink spray bottle

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I rinse out my RO upside down in the shower, and my hair is still pretty short. I was getting breakouts at my temples, where the conditioner was touching my face. So it could be as simple as whatever you're using sitting on your face, and a toner could help a lot.
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I have decided to give wash and go a rest. I did a blow out yesterday and some Bantu knots hope it turns out good. I got some acne meds from the dermatologist so we will see!

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I noticed you say that you do have very sensitive skin. So do I and it just may be that it's the Ion detangler.

While yes, everyone's skin does vary, benzophenones are well documented as causing problems, breakouts and rashes. I know I can't use them at all, I'll even react to them with secondary contact.

Also, the preservatives in the detangler: Methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone are also well documented as causing problems as well. More so with prolonged contact than in just a rinse out product. I never thought much about these two ingredients myself until I started leaving in a Suave conditioner and had a major flare, that took 3 months to finally calm down after not using it.

I hope this helps because if your skin is as sensitive as mine, the acne meds will probably anger your skin even more rather than help.
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