Hair products for type 3 hair

Hey curlys! I'm going on a hair products haul sometime this week, and was wondering what products you would recommend I get or simply products that you love/work for you. Also some stores with good deals! Thanks a lot xx.

-By the way I have 3b/3c and a tad of 4a hair.
Curl pattern means nothing when shopping for products. Is your hair fine? Coarse? Porous? Do you avoid sulfates? Cones? How do you handle polyquats? What issues are you having? Do you prefer natural products? Does your hair like protein? Hate it? What about glycerin?

Those are the qualities you want to consider, not how tightly curled your hair is.
Fine, med/high porosity, med density, protein craving
Last chemical straightening Nov. 2013
So for me the kinky curly combo knott today and curly custard give me a very defined sleek curl and I love this style when I want a more polished look. However I'm really digging big hair these days so for my big hair I used miss jessies jelly soft curls and diffuse my hair. The results are phenomenal!!! These are my faves...when in trying to save money I do the generic nexus conditioner from Sally beauty as my leave in and eco styler to hold the curl.., it's not my fav method but it works pretty good to I just hate that eco gel cuz it flakes my hair after a few days....for my deep conditioner I use the proclaim natural hair lines deep conditioner and it is awesome!!!!! Smells great too it's in the hot pink jar. I use normal products tho I'm not on the cg method but I try to use sulphate and cones sparingly but I'm not totally against them...hope this helps happy shopping!

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