Does it get better?

I just started the curly girl method last week & at first I thought it was going well. But now I feel like my hair just looks awful and I'm getting really upset about it. I read online that your hair may look worse before it gets better when starting the curly girl method. Has anyone experienced this?
*raises hand* I experienced this and I hated it. My hair was frizzy, dry, and gross. But now, my hair is nicer than it was before
Sing with Barney tune:
Frizz loves me
I hate frizz
It sticks to me
like a kid
with some creams
and some gel
and then nothing does the trick
Please help me
My curly friends.
Yes well for me it did. Seemed like the more I styled my hair the better curl definition I got. When u first start wearing your hair curly, most of the time the hair cuticle is not used to being smoothed down. The more you smooth it with products the better curl you will get...keep going it will work out

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Ok thanks girls! I'm going to try really hard to stick with it
I did too. Most of my problem was that I was using products that dried out my hair more than it already was. After I bc'd, my hair was dry as a dessert. The low poo I was using was drying out my hair even more. Now I have hydrating products that hydrate my curls. My curls always look good now. But I do clarify with suave clarifying shampoo once a month.

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