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They look like 3C's to me- if they look like this all over then this is your curl type. If you have smaller/larger curls all over then you have a mix. In my experience it's better to figure out your other properties over curl type. Well- my approach was figuring out properties by thinking about and experimenting with what made my curls look the best.
Other properties are your porosity, texture, and density plays a role too. Porosity can be guesstimated by how things like how well you absorb product, how long it takes to get it wet, and/or how long it takes to dry. If it doesn't absorb product well, and the last two take a long time for instance your hair isn't very porous. The opposite would be high porosity; and somewhere in between would be normal.
Texture is how thick each hair strand is. So coarse hair is thickest, fine hair is thinnest, and normal is in between. My fine hairs disappear when they fall down and its hard to find them when they land on my arms- it feels like I have a spider web on my arm. Coarse hair like my one sisters hair is easy to see when it falls; and normal texture like my other sisters hair depends on the contrast in color difference between her shed hairs and where it falls.
Density is how many hairs you have in a set area. High density hair is often described as having a LOT of hair- I think I read someone describe that they can part their hair and the part isn't necessarily always visible. I was envious- I have lower density and my parts are extra visible. Again, normal density will be between the other two but I also feel this is a hard one outside of determining high density.
3C/4A, fine texture, low-medium density, and low porosity
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Pre-Poo: infrequent now, Coconut Oil overnight
Shampoo: Curls unleashed/for occasional sulfate wash when needed, everlasting sunshine.
Conditioner: Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine and GVP's conditioning balm.
Styler: iagirl's flaxseed curl cream or gelatin gel/conditioner mix. <3
PT: iagirl's gelatin treatment 3-4 times a month, with conditioner/honey/avj
I agree. It definitelly looks like you have Type 3c curls. I wasn't sure if you needed any more help with your hair or not. But, if you do, please don't ever hesitate to ask.
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Diagnosed with Scalp Eczema 6/2015
(Don't hair type/loose curl pattern/fine texture/low density/high porosity

Cleansers- Bobeam Shampoo Bars (Currently using the Coco Honey & Amla Conditioning Shampoo Bar)
Leave In-KCKT (only use with KCCC)
Stylers-KCCC or Darcy's Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Hair Moisturizing Whip or Eco Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Gel (Use for doing sleek buns only)

I do not use conditioner on my hair on a weekly basis. And, my hair is A ok with that!
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I agree, and what a perfect little spiral, made me feel jealous (in a good way!).
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I agree, and what a perfect little spiral, made me feel jealous (in a good way!).
Originally Posted by CGSince2002
Hahaha, Thank you! ❤️
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