My daughters 3c curls have been dry brushed and damaged by a family memeber,..

Hi ladies and gents, I am new here though have followed the site for years.

I need a little help with my daughters hair. I am mixed and she is a further mix so though her hair is almost exactly the same as mine, her curl pattern is 3C and a more porous afro, corkscrew straw width and a little tight. Her hair is VERY fine and fragile though the volume means it appears thicker.

I have been keeping her hair natural and co washed with a clarifying shampoo about once every two to four weeks since she was an infant. She is three now and usually wears her hair in its natural afro state or in a little bun or two braids. I finger comb while it is being conditioned. I try to leave it as un-manipulated as possible because it is very fine and I don't want to risk breakage.

A close family member has been watching her on weekends and has been dry brushing her hair. It seems she has been brushing it like crazy because it looks like it has taken some heat damage even though she has only been brushing it. She used a dense hard bristled hair brush which is even worse! The ends look frayed and the hair looks dry with the curls not as defined. There is also lots of frizz now where there wasn't any before.

I feel like I will have to trim off an inch of hair to get rid of the badly frayed ends but the lengths look a little damaged too. I have already trimmed off about a half an inch and the shorter broken hairs but I think I will have to take off more to see a difference.

My question is will this be fixable with a lot of protective styling and deep conditioning or am I going to have to cut a little each month till it all grows out? Her hair was in perfect untouched condition before so not sure what to do to get it back to that, or at least near enough, again.

Anyone have any advice to share?

I currently use Aussie 3 min Miracle and Mixed Chicks Kids if I need a leave in.

I am sorry to hear about what happened to your daughter's hair. Yes, dry brushing definitely can cause lots of frizz and promote damage to one's naturally textured. I would certainly recommend that whoever you let take care of your daughter's hair, be specifically told exactly how you want for your daugter's hair to be cared for, step by step. So, this way, the individual will know exactly what to do. As, i definitely would not want such happening again to your daughter's precious curly locks.

Any time one has damaged areas of hair, or even the showing of excessive split ends, that is something that of course is something that requires the getting of a haircut or trim in order to help get ones hair back into balance. After you have cut off all of the damaged ends, then you would simply go back to your regular hair trimmng schedule in regards to your daughter's hair. This is something that can be successfully remedied, okay.

Things will get better. It will just take some time is all. When it comes to young child's hair, especially as young as 3, i normally recommend that products specifically recommended for use on young kids' fragile hair and sensitive scalps be used for regular haircare maintenance. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is normally used by adults. I cannot say whether the manufacturer even recommends the use of this product being used on a young child's scalp and hair. So, i can't comment on the use of that product being used on a 3 year old's hair and scalp. However, i am aware of the Mixed Chicks, Mixed Kids line, as I actually use the Leave In from that line sometimes on my hair (I am a mixed race sista myself) too. Therefore, i know that it is completely safe for use on your 3 year old's hair and scalp. I know that they also offer a kids shampoo and conditioner within the Mixed Kids line as well. Have you ever tried those products before on your daughter's hair? The owners of Mixed Chicks are very kind and caring individuals. Whenever i have had a question or concern about anything, i would contact them (either by email or telephone) and i would get contacted back by one of them or another person from the company as soon as possible. They have followed up with me via email as well as by telephone. And, when you order directly from them they always provide free product with each order. Therefore, i do feel that it would be a good idea to reach out to them, just to see what they have to say and what they possibly do recommend for your daughter's hair at this time.

I do wish your little sweet pea all the best!
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I want to clarify that "co-washing" is washing with a conditioner, not with a shampoo. And with that said, you should probably just wash it with conditioner from this point on but I would not recommend the Aussie 3 Min. Miracle because it's heavy in silicones which are not compatible with co-washing only. A very good one to add protein to her hair to help "repair" any nicks in the cuticle is V05 KLS because of it's hydrolyzed collagen content. You can also use it on her hair as a LI by adding a few drops of coconut oil to it before applying.

Deep treatments will do her a world of good, as well as overnight coconut oil treatments to be washed out with conditioner only. It has the ability of penetrating the cuticle and protecting the keratin that's in the cortex, it prevents moisture from escaping and also adds a nice sheen.

And yes, you can put her hair up to protect it any way you like except any tight style.
A weekly DT with a little honey-olive oil should do the trick and if necessary a yogurt conditioning treatment will work as well if a little protein is called for.

but if you're feeling lazy Aubrey Organics Blue-Green Algae mask is an awesome conditioner.

Good luck!
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Hair is dead so it cannot be 'healed' or permanently repaired. You can however patch up (temporary) minor to moderate damage to the cuticle with ingredients such as hydrolysed protein, ceramides, 18-MEA, panthenol and silicones.

Natural oils could be used for slip and shine but they will not adsorb (stick) to the hair. Ones that penetrate the inner cortex (coconut, palm kernel, olive, avocado, argan, sweet almond) are most useful for overly porous hair not specifically for mechanical damage since the damage is primarily to the outer cuticle.
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Im sorry this happened, and I would explain to the family member how not to treat your kids hair for future ocasions.

But also, she is 3, I would not worry that much, you can trim her hair and she most likely wont mind at all.
Im sorry this happened, and I would explain to the family member how not to treat your kids hair for future ocasions.

But also, she is 3, I would not worry that much, you can trim her hair and she most likely wont mind at all.
Originally Posted by butter52
Exactly, tell her/teach/train her how to do your daughter's hair, or ask her not to mess with it at all (if that is possible).
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