Any tips for split ends?

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So recently, I've been noticing a number of small hairs in the sink when I comb my 2a hair (which is typically only once a day at night with a wide-tooth comb).

I can only gather that these are split ends as the rest of my hair looks and feels fine and healthy. The ends themselves actually don't look awful!

I am aware that the only "true" way to get rid of split ends is to cut them, but I want to grow my hair out a bit more before I do that, so I'm looking for a temporary solution.

Would deep conditioning my ends daily help? Any ideas?
I try to go as long between trims as I can (I do them myself) and I don't get split ends very often but I do get very dry ends, so I would usually oil my ends every night (or every night before you wash your hair, if the oil makes your hair greasy looking). This kind of helped me to stretch the time between trims. I use coconut or almond oil. Again, my hair doesn't split that much, but I think it's worth a try. But if you get more split ends as time goes on, you should definetely think about a trim (or just cutting out the split ends)

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Does my hair need sulfates? Does it need protein? Does it need daily cleansing?

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Could be mid shaft breakage due to your detangling/ grooming technique/ or method. Nothing but trimming fixes spit ends or breakage unfortunately.
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The thing is, the longer you leave the split ends and don't cut them, the more chance the split will travel up the hair shaft and break a lot further up. Which means that your hair won't appear to be growing as it'll just be breaking off.

Honestly, just get them snipped off and your hair will be better for it (and will seem to grow a lot quicker, as it won't be snapping off)
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well i havent had a trim/cut for over 3 years, and my ends are pretty good, i use alot of oil in my hair, its not something that wont 'fix' your ends but give it ago, maybe if they are just dry it will save you the trip to the hair dresser. i would try a nice hot oil treatment on your ends, i use alot of argan oil mixture, or coconut oil, grapeseed, use what ever you have, throw same lavender or rosemary oil in the mixture, warm it up and apply as much as you want to your ends and down the shaft of your hair. i leave it as long as i can in, message your scalp a bit and wash it out how ever you wash your hair. try it once a week and see if it helps. in the worst case, it will make your hair nice and strong and shiny and soft.

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Catnip tea prevents split ends. 1 level teaspoon/just under a cup (275 ml) of boiling water. I let mine steep for an hour; others prefer just under 5 hours (but that is too strong for me). I can't do it more than once/week without buildup; however, when I apply the tea to my hair, it prevents new split ends from forming and makes my hair stronger and hold curl better. I shampoo, then apply the tea, wrap my hair in saran wrap for a few minutes, then rinse out. I went to my hairdresser yesterday for a haircut, and my hair was the longest it's been in over 10 years (had no idea til we combed it straight it was that long!). My hairdresser actually said, "your long hair looks nice on you, I like it." Usually by that length she'd say it needs a trim, too many splits. So I believe it is the tea and protein treatments for me that worked. The tea may not heal existing splits so you can get a tiny trim, then apply the tea and it should hopefully work for you.

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