Is it really that big of a deal if an oil isn't organic/cold pressed?

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I went to my local health food store and they didn't have jojoba on the shelves except for a giant expensive bottle that would have lasted me 40 years. I asked them to see if a smaller bottle was in the back, luckily there was- but I was so happy that I didn't check the bottle. It's not organic and it's expeller pressed. Now I understand it won't be as beneficial as pure organic jojoba, but is there ANY benefit to it still? Or is it useless and or harmful? The smell is a bit off putting to.
I can't return it for I already poured some out (silly me) and I don't know when I'll have money again. With school starting back up I don't have a summer job anymore. Could be weeks, MONTHS untill I have money again. The joys of highschool /: Plus, not having a car means I ride my bike ten miles there, ten miles back and frankly I just don't feel like doing that for some jojoba oil.
For oils in general, how big of a deal is it...?

Sorry for so many questions this has to be my 600th in the last 72 hours. Thanks for all the response!
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Expeller pressed is fine. It means the oil has been extracted by being pressed (no chemicals), same as cold pressed. Cold pressed is necessary (for the highest quality) for hard shell items, as the friction from pressing hard shell items will cause increased heat.
Organic or not is a debatable topic, even for food you consume. I personally choose organic when possible. However, unless you have chemical free haircare, you have chemicals in your hair anyways… I can't see that one more source of chemicals is going to make so much difference.
What seems to be important with jojoba oil is that it's unrefined, or at least that's what I hear people say about it… that it should be the yellow unrefined type. You mentioned an odd smell…. is it different from what you've smelled in the past? If so, don't use it and return it. Unless you're just not used to the smell… I used jojoba oil once in the past (oils and my hair don't go that well), and I remember it having a light smell but not strong.
If you want to return it, sometimes they will let you have store credit if already opened and used (as long as it was just a little used). You can mention you didn't notice it wasn't what you were looking for.
Anyway if it's unrefined and expeller pressed I imagine you can get benefit from it. Good luck!

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I think the deal is minimal, i dont think the coating properties of jojoba will depend so much , specially for hair. but i dont know what organic means in your country and if it actually has some regulation behind it.
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