Do you find that a product can stop working for you?

I found a gel that I really liked and have been using it for a few months now with good results. I wash my hair at night so I like a strong hold gel to try and keep it in place during the night. I used to find in the morning that my curls were still all nicely held together, and if anything I'd have to kind of try to soften them a bit....

.... but it just doesn't seem to be working like that anymore there's hardly any hold. I tried a different gel last night and it did work better but it still didn't hold particularly well, or at least how it used to be a few weeks ago. (The gel I used last night - John Frieda - I'd read on here that it was very strong hold and many said that they water it down first!)

I don't think I'm doing anything different

Just wondered if this kind of thing does happen to anyone else?
Maybe I should just switch for a while, and then go back to it?

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Happens all the time.

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Yep happens quite often, I started off using curls spiral cream, loved it no one could tell me different, after a couple months it just didn't seem to be working, so i switched to Blended cutie down and out styles loved it and got great results a couple weeks later i tried Blended Beauty happy nappy... point of my story i like to have different products on the go all the time for this very reason, sometimes i just need a break from things, switch it up a little then go back to it later.
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Ya, maybe it's product build up or something! I would like to know..
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Happens all the time.
Originally Posted by unique1193

Try switching for a few moths, the go back to your HG. t's like your builds an immunity after awhile. I dunno...
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In March and October (especially March though), all of us go through this every year. Even if the weather isn't the same where each of us lives as last month, subtle differences start influencing all of our hair's preferences in products.

It could be buildup or a one-hit-wonder. But I'd be willing to bet it's the seasonal change. Tuck it back for fall, and find a good warm weather product.
Thanks for all your replies and advice

I used the new gel last night again and my hair is how is used to be with old one! Weird... so I think I'll use this for a while and then try the other one again and see what happens. So yeah it kinda seems like it might've become immune to the original gel!! Crazy hair

Laurabeth, I did wonder whether it was weather related too. So perhaps the change in products will help. Thank you

Maybe I'll try the lemon aid rinse too in case it is build up.

Thanks everyone
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Yep, this has happened to me. I keep those products, though, and just use them as part of a rotation. Sometimes your hair just needs a break from that certain coctail of ingredients.
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happens all the time with me. Iused to get rid of products that stopped working but I don't do that anymore. Unless they never worked in the first place. I was loving HE TT for about 2 months and then it stopped working for me. Now I'm using LOOB and LOVING that. I have many other products that stopped and I haven't gone back to them yet since LOOB is working.

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My hair does the same thing , was using the new loreal mousse with CCSS or Re:coil. then went onto my faithful Suave pro gel with some Re:coil for the past week ,now today my hair came out great again with the Loreal curls spiral mousse and CCSS so yea my hair has to change around a lil with products and its happy.
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