Rant: 99% of shampoos seem like the same ole thing

I've done a Conditioner Chronicles and a Gels Journal. I considered doing a shampoo series but have decided:

1. Most shampoos are just too drying for me to subject my hair to so many.

2. Unlike other products (conditioners, stylers), there aren't many poo ingredients I avoid; however, that's because I can't tell the concentration of the surfactants from the ingred listing. And the primary risk of using the "wrong" shampoo is overdrying.

3. I think I can divide all shampoos into one of 4 categories:

A. Generic, drying shampoo that leaves my curls rough and parched (many of them with non-poo-y ingredients that I'm trying to cleanse off like cones because they protect the hair during cleansing).
B. Less drying shampoos, good for cleansing out winter's creams, etc.
C. Super-strong shampoos for volume or oily hair/scalps.
D. The truly gentle options (sulfate-free doesn't guarantee gentleness) like Jessicurl's poos.

Anyway, rant over...thanks for reading.
I know what you mean. While I'm such a PJ when it comes to conditioners and stylers, that's really not the case for shampoos. You're right about so many being similar, but also there are so many more "bad" shampoos out there and only a handful of "good" ones. I like my EMBS, and I'm really not inclined to try anything else. I don't see a shampoo being much better than EMBS, and there's a good chance it would be a lot worse.
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I feel the same way about most shampoos. I do agree that most of them are all the same but I've discovered a small handful that I can tolerate. btw, can I get the link to the Gels Journal?
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As much as we value all your research, it's not worth the risk of potentially harsh shampoos on your precious curls! Don't do it!

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Yeah, don't risk the damage!

I'm sure we'd all rather wait anxiously for some other wisdom from you...like on creams, or something. We're all already glued to the Condish Chronicles!

It really sucks the gel one's gone - I've read it was great.

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I completely agree!

I've tried the so-called "gentle" non-sulphates shampoos & some of those are more harsh than the regular kind. Yet some of the sulphates kind that you'd think would be harsh, aren't. But those are few & far between.

The only sulphate types I've tried that aren't stripping are Organic Root Stimulant's Olive, Neutrogena's Triple Moisture, Victoria Secret's Garden (Amber Romance Sensuous Shine) & Aussie's 2-in-1. I'm too scared to try the other's that claim to be gentle or moisturizing.

And the only non-sulphate types I've tried that aren't harsh are Jessicurl's & Activate.
It really sucks the gel one's gone - I've read it was great.
Originally Posted by wild_sasparilla
what happened to it?
I want to see it
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It really sucks the gel one's gone - I've read it was great.
Originally Posted by wild_sasparilla
what happened to it?
I want to see it
Originally Posted by Curlygoddess
A bunch of old posts were purged. I have the raw data, but I've got to recompile all the reviews again of all of the gels. I'm actually thinking about doing a combined "stylers" one instead of gels, creams, etc all separate, especially since the language with some stylers is so vague (balms, lotions, etc). I mean, is a lotion a more-watery cream or a liquid? It depends on the brand. Anyway, as soon as I get to feeling better consistantly (been battling a recurring sinus/ear infection for about a month), I'm going to jump on that project. Lucky for all, I love a good project.
I could still use some advice on shampoo's. I have yet to find one that I think works well for my hair. I have found them either too drying as Laurabeth said or they do not seem to clean my hair. I use all CG products but my hair perhaps my hair like sulfates in my shampoo?

Right now I am trying the Elucence Shampoo. It seems to almost leave a deposit on my hair, and does not seem to be cleaning it well. When I have used ReCoil or CK my hair just seems to be coated, hard to explain.

I guess on Laurbeth's list I would be looking for a "B. Less drying shampoos, good for cleansing out winter's creams, etc" or perhaps a gentle one if it did have sulfates? I am really not sure.

I have asked before but with this post I decided to try again. If you have had any success with a shampoo I would like to hear it

I shampoo my hair every day and I am a 3B

Thanks so much!

Why don't you give one of my recommendations a try [Neutrogena's Triple Moisture, Victoria's Secret Garden (Amber Romance Sensuous Shine for Dry/Damaged Hair), Aussie's 2-in-1, Activate]. They don't leave a film on my hair, yet they didn't feel stripping.

Jessicurl's was so gentle it didn't feel like it'd ever rinse out, like there was a film left behind. Same with the Organic Root Stimulant Olive. ETA: Like the were TOO gentle. That's why I didn't put them in the quotes above.
Thanks Liz for the suggestions. I will give them a try.

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