Clueless about curls...

Hi all! I'm happy to have found this forum I've had straight hair my whole life, and now I have a 3 year old son with a fabulous head of curls. I took the quiz, and I believe they are type 2c. Here's how I care for them: I wash/condition with just loreal evercurl cleansing conditioner. I towel dry, comb with my fingers, and let it air dry. I'm wondering how I can make his curls more smooth and defined, without making them crunchy, weighed down, or greasy. I've tried loreal evercurl cream, but it weighed his hair down, and basically took the curls out. I've tried gel, but it makes his hair greasy looking and stiff. Any advice for this curl novice is much appreciated
Well darn I tried to post pics but can't figure it out

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