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I was reading the April issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, and there is a little article titled European goodies- here! It says. "BOOTS the famous London-based chain brings a taste of its beloved 7,000-piece line to Target stores." Yay Boots curl cream, I am so excited. Has anyone seen it there yet?
I'm pretty sure that Target only carries the Boots skincare line. I've never heard of the curl cream being sold in the US.
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Sorry to break it to you but I didn't see any Boots hair products at Target. I saw an article in Lucky magazine about hte products. I went to the Target in White Plains, NY on Saturday. I was thrilled to see the skincare line (most of which was sold out, I had to read the information on the shelving ) I looked high and low and there was no hair products at the skincare section or in the hair care section. I do not know about other Target outlets.
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The Target by me (in Brooklyn) sells Boots make-up, skin care, and hair products, but no Boot Curl Cream. Just shampoo and conditioner. Bummer.
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I was just at Target today and saw the Boots stuff. It was all makeup and skin care. I didn't see any hair care products. I did buy a concealer and eyeshadow base, though!
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As far as i know they don't sell it in stores or online either, my boyfriend loved the Fresh! strawberry face scrub that boots made so everytime i went to see him i had to bring about 6 tubes, then i told him boots was coming to the US and he got all excited only to find out they didn't have it. It seems that the stuff they do carry in Target stores isn't the best that boots has to offer, which is a shame
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i have boots white curl cream for sale--email me at for details. 150ML tube (about 5 oz) $12 includes US shipping.
i have pictures of how it works in my hair in my fotki.
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Banjo your hair is so pretty. Love the new pictures, it is always nice to see how-to's.

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