Abba Weightless/Moptop Gel Combo?

I'm brand new to posting, although I have been lurking around since late last spring. First, I want to thank all of you very wise people. I have learned so much from all of you during my lurking. I have also turned into a major PJ trying all of the different products I have read about on this site. My products are now taking up 2 of our bathrooms, including, as my DH likes to constantly remind me, the only drawer he was allowed to use in the first place! I'll really be glad when I can find my HG before we have to put on an addition.................but it sure is fun trying to find it!

Anyway, I have a question -- so far, I have found that Abba Weightless Gel works the best for me - it gives my very fine, but pretty thick 2a-3a hair fantastic hold and volume. I have also found that Mop Top gel is very curl-enhancing for me, but has absolutely no hold. My question is have any of you tried using both of these together? If so, how did work for you and how much of each did you use? I'm still playing around with finding the exact amount of Abba Weightless to use -- too little and it just isn't cutting it, but too much and I have great hold but feel VERY producty. I'm wondering if maybe using less of the Weightless and adding the Mop Top might work out well.

I'd really appreciate hearing from any of you.

Thanks again!
I haven't tried that, but sounds like a good idea! Let us know how it works if you try it. I know what you mean about Abba WL... I always ended up using too much. I had to constantly remind myself that I need less of it than I think I do.
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Thanks for replying. I think I'll try it tomorrow morning after I figure out whether I should use non-sulfate shampoo or just co-wash tomorrow. I keep trying to just go CG and do co-washes but I seem to always have a problem with buildup & still feel gunky after co-washing. I've just been using the Abba Weightless gel so that shouldn't be building up, should it? Could it just be because I'm using too much? I must be doing something wrong. I clarify with a sulfate shampoo because of this once in a while so I can't figure out what's up with my hair.

Next thing I need to figure out is should I put the AW on first or the Mop Top? Or vice-versa? I need both the curl enhancement & the hold. This can really get frustrating, can't it?

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