"My" Big Lots = :(

The Big Lots nearest my home has barely anything anymore for hair care!

I went in hoping to find at least one bottle each of the old Suave Milk & Honey or Coconut & V05 Mango conditioners.

Nada. Zilch.

Maybe it's a good thing. I'd probably fall in love with something I can no longer buy & then I'd be bummed even more. Also, it's not like I don't have half a dozen conditioners patiently waiting their turn for trial.
Well, you never know what you'll find at Big Lots. Give it a week or so and you may go back and find a buttload of hair products. I stocked up on Nature's Gate conditioners a few weeks ago. I don't know when I'm going to need conditioner again.

Frizz Happens!

my Fotki hair journey/experiment diary PW is brio (and I really need to update it!)

3A hair; coloring with henna/indigo since July 2009; normally follow the CG method. Still searching for my HG products!

The store did have a few bottles each of two different kinds of Nature's Gate conditioners. One was brown & I think the other was green. But I passed them up because I really REALLY just wanted the V05.

I may try the Passion Fruit, which is at WalMart.
My Big lots only had natures gate shampoo, not conditioner, UURRGG!! But there were quite a few Vo5 and suave condishs. I already have 6 under my sink, so I didn't get anymore. But I really liked the way the blueberries and cream smelled, it was hard to pass up. I agree with Brio wait a couple of weeks and maybe there will be more stuff. I have even noticed that at different Big Lots there are different items ( I have 2 in my town). I still LOVE going there, cause you never know what you are gonna find!!

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