What do you girlys think.....

I got 3b hair thinning(sadly), on the shorter side...

Right now i use tresemme NOT ENOUGH HOLD!!! and i was thinking of trying the L'Oreal Stuff the new spray gel, should i use it ontop of tresemme or try a gel ...i get no lift it looks flat and ugly alot of the times and im disappointed...Any advice...i also use redken products(not amazing either) waitting till they get done so i can buy curl and shine..leave in since i heard amazing things and its cheaper which is great...

I swear im done ladies LOL
I don't know about the L'Oreal gel but do try a PVP one that says something like "maximum hold" or has a high number on the label, then try diffusing upside down or put duckbill clips on your roots to lift them while the hair is drying. Another trick I personally use is lifting the hair with the end of a rattail comb, I usually lift the sides of a part this way: I slide the tip from the back at one side of the part, push it under my hair towards the front, lift the hair up and then aim the blow dryer at it (preferably with the concentrator tip on and at a low setting) so the section will "set" and remain lifted. Then when your hair is fully dry bend down from the waist and slide your fingers under your hair and give it a shake to break up the crunch at the roots, this will "fluff" your hair making it look thicker and less flat.
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The weather is chanigng so I had to change my products. I was getting flatter hair.
I went with a lighter conditioner, light leave in (the GF C&S is great) and I changed to a strong hold light gel. Abba weightless gel
That abba sure holds things in place while not weighing down my hair. As long as I use a lighter rinse out and a leave in that's not real heavy I get light springy hair.
Oh and I do about 5 minutes of diffusing upside down on warm low air speed before I air dry. That sets the gel and keeps my volume on top. A little longer hair though and I'll be clipping the top

I had that thinning hair too, I take vitamins for it and it's working beautifully.
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*Slight guano alert*

medusahair, what vitamins are you taking?
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