Conditioner Surfectants?!

Hello all,

So I was reading the CO Washing FAQ under the Curl411 and theres one part that goes like this:

Most conditioners contain mild surfactants that, paired up with a little manual friction, are capable of lifting off dirt, debris and excess oil from our scalp and hair.

Can anyone give me an example of these surfactants? From everything that I've read I always thought that conditioners simply have moisturizing qualities.

I'm assuming this could be Coco- Betaine, or a similar ingredient.
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I can't remember which conditioner it was, but at Trade Secret the other day I saw a conditioner with SLS. It was far down on the list, but it was there.

I've read in some magazine somewhere that in Brazil, women mix their conditioner with shampoo when they use it, to keep it from building up. That could be what the surfactant ingredients are for.
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Surfactants are ingredients that lower surface tension (on skin/hair) and enable the product to slip across and adhere. (Translation: helps it to cut through everything to get to what you're treating.)

Surfactants include detergents as well as emulsifiers... but keep in mind that with a hair product, just because a conditioner contains an emulsifier (they pretty much ALL do) doesn't mean it's going to have a surfactant-cleansing effect. For example, beeswax is considered an emulsifier but I wouldn't try to CO wash my hair with a product that contained beeswax...

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, even if you get a whole list of emulsifiers/surfactants, they're not necessarily all desirable. Go for something that is specifically designed for what you are trying to achieve.

(Even Suave & V05 have Cetyl / Cetearyl Alcohol which would be included)
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I didn't know that emulsifiers functioned surfectant! Thanks!
I know. Random information right?
Mid-back length 3a, red.
Currently using: Joico, Redken, LA Looks Curl Look gel, BRHG.

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