Got my hair cut today.....

I received a dry cut today. The hairdresser combed it out (EGADS!) and then squirted it with water and scrunched some gel in. The gel she used (Aqualage - sp?) has silicones in it. She said she loves to use silicones b/c they coat the hair and prevent frizz. She said some other stuff, too, and it made sense! I think I can be swayed to easily. Tell me again why silicones are bad?

PS - I tried to talk her into selling Jessicurl - before she told me how much she likes silicones. She said she would check into it but I don't think it's gonna happen. SIGH.
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
The problem with cones is that you need something harsh to get off some of them and that something harsh dries out the hair. Also cones don't let the hair breath so can make the hair frizzy with continued use.

If your hair doesn't mind sulfates and you use them often enough to keep the cones from building up on your hair then there's nothing wrong with them. They make the hair soft and shiny and keep frizz down.

There are also some easier to remove cones. In the summer amethicone is my friend! I use the Garnier fructis leave in with that in there and it keeps the frizz down and gives me shiny hair. So far I've not had buildup from it since it comes off easy. There are a few other easier to remove ones.

The problem ones for most end in xane, oh and that cyclo.. cone one, nasty stuff. It takes two sulfate poos just to get that xane one off, I practically have to blast it off with dynamite.
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
Thank you. I didn't buy the gel. I don't even know if it worked well b/c I had to pull my hair up. I'm looking forward to my shower tomorrow but also dreading it. It's too late to mess with it now. I just got home from work. Normally, the first thing I do is come home and do my hair myself. If I ever find somebody who can style me curly and down - I'll do a happy dance or something.
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
Cut is good! I had a very distinctive shelf between my top layer and my bottom. She just cut the bottom. Which is great, b/c this is what I needed. I've been growing out my hair for over a year and have made very little progress in bringing the layers together, mainly b/c every time I got 3+ inches cut off the back (which seems to grow like a weed), my previous hairdresser cut off the top, too. My top is curlier than my bottom and with the shrinkage, it just wasn't working for me. I think (HOPE) this cut will grow in nicely. I'm tired of feeling "blah".
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.

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