OK....Help me. Here are pics...

I did a fotki (had to get on the bandwagon!!!) with hair from the past...and with the most recent-post CG stuff.

Man..I just don't know about this stuff. I really don't.

Either I am doing something wrong or I just was born with UNLUCKY CURLY hair type.

Help me!

I am getting the crud cut today (later this afternoon).

By looking at my mess, can you type me?? I am all over the board and really have no idea where I go. You look at the back and you think one thing...then you see the front..and it is like something else....but the shorter it is (like chicn length, especially!!), the tighter it gets all over.



PW carrie640
The front looks like a 3a/3b, so if the rest was shorter, I'd imagine it'd match. But there's such a difference in length, I'm not surprised the weight of your hair pulls out the curl.

Also, I'd like to point out that "CG" is not a one-time thing. For it to benefit your hair, you'd need to keep up the routine. If your hair is especially dry and damaged (which the bottom in the back looks like it is, but that's getting cut off) you might want to give it a few months. It doesn't work for everyone (I use a very gentle shampoo every other day or so... my hair is happier with it) but it can get some much-needed moisture into your hair.

And I think the front looks lovely! Springy, boingy curls! Would you be happy if the back matched the front more closely? Because I think that's just a matter of having the length evened out. How short are you getting it cut?
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I really want to go like shoulder length (when dry).....where it JUST touchs the top of my shoulders. I've always been a cut-a-phobic not only because of BAD cuts, but because the length of my hair has become such a HUGE part of my identity. But now...with two kids under 3....who has time to keep up the maintenance? It takes like THREE HOURS for my hair to COMPLETELY dry on its own (I may have failed to mention it is pretty dang thick, too). If I had to be somewhere at 9, I would have to get up at the crack of dawn.


But the thing that scares me about going shorter is HAVING to do the hair everytime I want to go somewhere....not as easy to just toss up and go.

Can I win for losing??? Can I??????

I could cry!

NO. I don't like the front, either. It just is "there". Just hangs/stringy. There is no shape to it...it seems so flat on top (I like big hair as in VOLUME/fullness and not fake 80s big)...and I want some consistancy all through...just not happening for me.


Is this natural thing more maintenance, really?
OH...and do I want layers or do I want all length???
Deep breath.

It looks like your hair has serious potential - with the difference in lengths, I would have to imagine that if you were to chop off some length in the back, it would begin to resemble those bouncy curls you have in the front! The length definitely has to be pulling out the curl.

My hair's about shoulder length when dry. And trust me, it's still plenty long enough to just throw up and go when I'm too lazy to do it in the morning. That's a requirement for me these days when considering hair length. So you won't necessarily have to do your hair every morning just because you get it cut. Given your current length, you'd have a long way to go before your hair would be too short to put up.

And, the key to CG is patience. As Leilani said, it takes time for the changes in your routine to show in your hair. I started about 3 months ago and the difference between then and now is really dramatic. However, the day to day difference when I first started were barely noticeable and - trust me - very frustrating. But it's been worth the wait.
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I love long hair but whew that's a lot of time to take on hair!
Mine is a few inches past my shoulder and I can still pull it back if I want to. I generally twist it and use a claw clip to keep it up when needed.
I have layers, it makes for nice volume. I like big hair too

Once you get a routine down I bet it takes you so much less time it will be a relief!

I"m scared of hairdressers too. I'm still cutting my own hair. I use those do it yourself pull all the hair up and cut. It gives me lots of layers. YOu adjust how many layers but how far away from the head you do that first layer.
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First of all your hair is so pretty, I really like the spirals in the front, I wish my hair would do that. About getting it cut, you could check the tab that says CurlsSalon and see if there are any in your area. If not, call around and see if anyone knows how to cut curly hair, or if you see another curly girl around, and you like her hair ask where she gets it cut at. CG , is one of the best things that I have ever done for my hair. I take so much better care of my curls and they now show it. It is something that does take time, but the results are worth it. Make sure you don't use baking soda to often, cause that could really dry your hair out. Have you tried plopping for volume? On the Jessicurl website she give great demos, on how to do it and how to apply product as well, it is a great help. We have all been frustrated with our hair, so that's why I come here for support, and I have learned So much here.
The longer you take care of your hair the better it will feel. It is not a quick fix where your hair will instantly be perfect. After looking at your pictures you have beautiful hair with alot of potential. I think that you should use a clarifying shampoo, some people have suggested Suave or Neutrogena. I don't think you should use a sulphate shampoo (Baby shampoo) and then on top of that use Cream of Nature Shampoo, that is just too much. Try conditioner washing for a couple days, or a week if you can go that long and only shampoo once per week just to see if your hair reacts well to more conditioning and less shampooing.

A good haircut will go a long way. Try asking for long layers, it is a prety generic haircut that most sytlists can do, if you are going to someone experienced with curly hair they can shape your hair better, including some shorter layers at the top giving better curl formation.

I would also like to suggest that you should use a leave-in conditioner in addition to your gel. Also mixing about 1 tablespoon of honey in with my rinse out conditioner was amazing for my hair.

Just keep experimenting until you find what works for you. Don't give up we have all been there.
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You can try giving CG a try for a month or two. Just one or two days won't make a difference. I also agree that your length is pulling out your curl. Looks like you have to choose between all the length or curlier curls. You could go at least 6" shorter with some long layers and you'll still have length but more curl.

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