denat alcohol

I've seen this in a lot of hair products. Can someone tell me what this is exactly? Is it as bad as other alcohols and as drying? Thanks.
Well, I am guessing that it is one of the drying alcohols because it is not a fatty one.
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Alcohol denat./SD alcohol is very drying. It's used as a solvent, and to make the product dry faster.
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I always thought that alcohol denat. stood for denatured alcohol. For example, in the perfume industry, the two main ingredients are the fragrance (usually essential oils) and alcohol denat. You'll probably also have a few more ingredients that are supposed to keep the scent on longer. Anyway, Denatured Alcohol is just ethanol that is denatured so you get sick when you drink it. It is cheaper to use vodka which is not denatured ethanol in these perfumes but it is illegal. Yeah that was always my take on it, not sure what it does on hair though... I'd like to know I apologize if any of this info is wrong.
It's extremely drying. Any product I've used on my hair with alcohol denat. in it has left my hair a frizzy, dry mess. Just earlier this evening I found an old tube of Garnier gel that I cast aside after 2 uses resulting in dry hair, I looked at the ingredients to see what's in there, and it smacked me in the face: ALCOHOL DENAT.
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If you see a label that has denatured alcohol way down at the bottom of the ingredients list, it probably isn't enough to hurt. But near the top of the list, it will tend to be drying.

Some manufacturers say that in a spray product, like a spray gel, most of the alcohol evaporates before it hits your hair. I'm not sure if that's true or not.

As curlsx45 said, denatured alchol is ethanol -- the same alcohol you can drink -- but has another chemical added so you can't drink it.

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