Need suggestions/advice on hair

I have been doing the cg method for about 2 months now. My hair is so gross. It is weighed down and not as curly as it used to be. I just end up pulling it into a ponytail. I am about to straighten it (I haven't done that in 12 years!!!) or cut it all off.

My pics are here:


BTW, I was letting my hair return to it's natural color (hence the two-toned hair) but have now decided to scratch that!!!!

My questions are:

what hair type am i?
should i cut my hair?
different products/routine?

Right now I CO w/ suave, suave leave in condish, loob, air dry and sometimes a few minutes of diffusing then a tiny bit of tightly wound curls after drying.
I don't know what type you are, but I would guess 2c/3a. Your hair looks great! I know that some people like to use shampoo evey so often because it makes their hair curlier. Did you clarify before starting CG?
3b-3c CG
Is it all your hair that is weighed down and gross or just the hair near your scalp? You could try doing an apple cider vinegar rinse, after rinsing it out the smell goes away once it dries and it's a good clarifier. If it is only the hair near your scalp, you could coat everything but your roots in conditioner, then dilute some shampoo in water and scrub around your scalp, sure not to use your nails. You could also do a shampoo all around with something without a sulfate.
It seems like it's the entire top layer of my hair that is not cooperating. It is not curly at all and just limp, stringy and gross. I clarified before starting CG and haven't done it since. Maybe that's the problem. It was curlier than it had ever been and then this past week or two I have had bad hair days consistently. I'll try either the baking soda rinse or the acv rinse and see if it helps any. I am just really disgusted right now.


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