I took the plunge...

And cut all my hair off. I had posted a while ago about my desire to chop my hair in a bob but I was conflicted. I've been slowly going lighter because I have quite a bit of grey...and then, last week, I went and cut it all off. So it looks nothing like it does in my fotki anymore.
I'm not enthused and looking for consolation! I know it's my own fault, I had just had it long and curly for too long, probably ten years, and I was so sick of it.
Someone tell me time will fly and it will be long again in no time
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It will grow back. So sorry you're not happy with the new look. Do you have new pics?

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Well, I can kind of relate because I took the plunge and gave myself short bangs when they were long like the rest of my hair. We can grow our hair back together.
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I can completely relate. I'm growing out from a pixie cut and it was really traumatic for me.

The good things were:

1. I appreciate my hair in a way I never did before
2. It is a good way to start fresh and do a really good job caring for it
3. I have become incredibley creative with how I wear it and I have found all sorts of ways to wear scarves, headbands, barrettes, and clips

You just have to roll with it now, look at it as an adventure, wear it in ways you wouldn't have before.
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Ah, I'm sorry you're unhappy.

But, parzy is right. I will forever remember to appreciate my long hair after I cut it short (pixe cut like) several years ago and wasn't much of a fan. Plus, I figure I'd have always wondered what my hair would have been like short if I never did it. So, I got it out of my system.

And luckily, the stuff grows.
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What exactly do you mean by "cut it all off", a pixie cut? If so, I still remember how traumatic it was when many years ago I decided to cut my own hair that way. The novelty lasted for exactly two days, which was long enough to realize I was pretty much stuck with one hairstyle and I really began to miss feeling my hair behind my neck and over my shoulders, after that I had nothing but regret but I won't go into detail about that ordeal!

Anyway, right now I'm dealing with the aftermath of a bad cut, my hair was already "medium length", not quite touching the shoulders when curly when I went back for a trim that went wrong. I made the mistake of letting the hairdresser take some of the length because he obviously didn't take into account the "shrinkage factor". When I got home and styled it I was not too happy with the length but things got worse when a couple of days later I decided to straighten my hair trying to make it look longer, I found that my layers didn't connect anywhere and my cut had no shape. For the next two weeks I kept hacking at it to try to fix it the best I could but, naturally, that resulted in my hair looking even shorter even though I didn't touch the bottom layer. During the first month I only wore it curly a couple of times because I felt my head looked out of balance with my body but very soon I hit the first month mark and since I color my hair (because it also has a lot of grey in it) I could clearly see how much it had grown so that was comforting. Right now I'm wearing it curly again and it's curling a lot better.

So, as it's already been mentioned, I encourage you to just think about the pluses, especially the fact that you're starting over with very healthy hair and now have a new chance to keep it that way. If you're still coloring your hair, be daring and go even lighter, I'm pretty happy with a medium ash blonde which suits me very well and doesn't contrast too sharply when my roots start growing in; during the 3rd week I can "camouflage" them pretty well with temporary color/crayon and then on the 4th week (sometimes the 5th) I do my retouch. If you decided to go natural, explore temporary rinses that give depth and or brighten salt-and-pepper hair, anything new you try during the first couple of months will really help the time "fly" by.
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I just cut all my hair off too. I was dying to do it, though, because my hair was half TR straight and half new crop of curls. My longest piece (when pulled straight) is about 8".

Figuring my hair grows 8" per year, I'm just taking as good care as I can of my hair and waiting. It's kind of in a mullet stage right now, I feel, though people who I ask disagree.

How short did you cut your hair? Please post some pics!
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