using a hat to shape hair when air drying

I find that blow-drying really destroys my hair and also takes too long.

The most simple method I have found for getting the desired shape when air drying my hair is using a hat, one that is not too tight and sort of crocheted so the hair follicles could breathe.

It works so well I do not even need to use de-frizzing creams.

However, I am sometimes hesitant to use this because someone told me wearing hats too much could accelerate hair loss. And yet, many people who say this probably use the blow dryer and roller brush which pulls out tons of hair.

So the question is, could using hats which do not stifle the hair follicle be a time saving and cost effective solution or will I regret using this method over time?

Is it better to alternate between air drying with those expensive (nontoxic) de-frizzing creams and air drying with no products and the hat for shaping to save money?
I think it sounds like a great inventive idea! I can't imagine that wearing a loose-fitting, breathable hat can harm your hair. If such a method worked for me I'd try it in a heartbeat.


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I have a hard time believing the hair loss thing too. Maybe if your hat was super tight and rubbed your scalp non stop during the day? Of course, my fiance wears a hat everyday and he's going bald
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