Problem with Leave-In..Suggestions?

Does anyone else have this problem or advice? Whenever I use a leave-in it seems to make my hair more frizzy. My hair seems to like the leave-in because my curls get much chunkier and look better, all except the loads of frizz.

I use all CG friendly products but I am not on CG. I have tried putting the products in soaking wet hair, and scrunching my hair first and then applying. I have some success with the frizz when I comb my hair but then the curls become stringy instead of chunky. I have tried raking and then also just applying the product without raking...bascially everything I can think of!

My hair is 3B

I have tried using Aloeba as a leave-in, Garnier Fructis, B2B spray leave-in (no frizz really but no great curls), and a few others I cannot remember. I combine with BRHG and have also tried with other gels.

Can anyone help me or give me advice? I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks so much,
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I tend to have this problem. Adding a leave-in seems to work against the hold of my styling product. I just don't rinse out quite all of my regular conditioner, and I skip adding a separate leave-in. That works for me.
This is definitely a YMMV suggestion, and I have 3a hair w/ some 3b curls, which may also make a difference.

I use GF curl and shine leave in, but I put it on top of Jessicurl RR. I apply two puddles of RR to soaking wet hair, then a smallish blob of the curl & shine, comb through with a wide tooth comb. I blot with a microfiber towel, then rake in Suave aloe no frizz gel. I usually diffuse until it's about 80% dry, let it completely air dry and then scrunch out the crunch. Doing things in that order has significantly cut down on the frizz I used to get. I'm happy with the resulting curls, too.
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I have 3B/C curls and my hair has been horrible the past couple weeks. I can't figure it out. But, I really liked the Curl Junkie Hibiscus & Bananna Honey Cream leave in-fine. I've recently been experimenting with the deep fix condish and the honey butta leave in but I'm not sure if that's contributing to my bad hair days. I'll find out when I get my B&A gel in the mail....I think because I've run out, my hair is in shock....but try the Curl Junkie leave in's.
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My hair doesn't seem to respond well to leave-ins either. I get major frizz and poofy less defined curls and I've tried "real" leave-ins, conditioners as leave ins, oils, nothing works.
I picked up some shea butter the other day and have been using that as a leave-in and it's been working great! I've also been using it during the day on dry hair because it gives me great shine. Just a little goes a long way (less then a pea size amount for me). You might want to give it a try. If it doesn't work, you can always use it on your skin. It's worked wonders for my dry winter skin and chapped lips .
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