I picked up a bottle of Aloe Vera the other day, since I (for some odd reason) never replenished my bottle after last summer. I forgot how much I LOVE using AV!! I use the Target brand - it's supposed to be the knockoff from Banana Boat, but it doesn't have SD Alcohol 40, which the BB does.

Anyway, I totally love AV - I use it on my whole body, and I use it on my face as a daily moisturizer in the summer. Plus i get extra use out of it b/c I use it in my hair!!! I don't like much hold - I like to finger comb my curls out after they're styled. So today while still in the shower, I mixed some Too Shea w/ some AV in my hand, and ran it through my wet hair as a leave in. That mix was perfect for me! It wasn't too producty, but smoothed my dry frizzy hair down. I let it air dry totally, and then I fluffed it, and blew dry the roots for a second, and then ran my hands through it a couple times and it looked great!

But this is more a rave for my beloved Aloe Vera than it is my good hair day.
~ the artist formerly known as babywavy ~

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